20+ Best Jacket with lots of pockets in 2021 for Flying: multi pocket jacket for travelling


20+ Best Jacket with lots of pockets in 2021 for Flying: multi pocket jacket for travelling



Best Men’s Jackets With lots of Hidden Pockets for flying

SCOTTeVEST Jacket - Men's.


The leader of the pack when it involves carrying all of your gear in pockets, ScotteVest has pockets for everything: your hands, your phone, your pens, your glasses, camera, tablet, ID…and even more pockets to spare.

 If you think that that seems like tons of stuff, know that the jacket is specifically designed to evenly determine across your shoulders.

Another useful bonus is that the sleeves of this jacket are removable, so if you get a sunny day on your travels, you'll still bare arms without leaving your precious stuff behind. We hope you wish neutrals, because this design only comes in black, blue and beige.


·         Pros: plenty of pockets, zip-off sleeves

·         Cons: The jacket runs a touch wide; limited color selection

·         Material: Cotton (65%) and nylon (35%)

·         Number of pockets: 25


VERSATYL Unisex Travel Jacket.


This 18-pocket Versatyl Unisex jacket is great for each day to hide up within the wind or add a further layer within the cold.

The jacket is formed with pouches specifically designed to hold a phone charger, secure headphones, warm your hands, and one among the pocket stores a carryall that you simply can use when you’re shopping (unless that shopping fits in one among those pockets…). The jacket also has retractable gloves within the sleeves and a removable hood.

Even better, it’s compact: the jacket can fold into itself, so it won’t take up precious cargo space in your carry-on. It runs small, so reviewers suggest ordering a minimum of one size larger than usual.


·         Pros: Wrinkle-free and water-resistant (but not waterproof); has its own satchel

·         Cons: Jacket runs small—read sizing instructions carefully

·         Material: Cotton and polyester

·         Number of pockets: 18


AyeGear V26 Vest with 26 Pockets.

Technically this is often a vest, not a jacket, but with 26 pockets we might be remiss to not add it to the list.

A couple of features make this feature stand out: two pockets have a touch-sensitive surface, so you'll use your phone without taking it out (although we probably wouldn’t try texting with it); it’s waterproof and straightforward to layer; two layers of cloth make it extra-durable.

The vest says it are often used as its own carry-on, and one reviewer put it to the test, stuffing a whole backpack’s worth of drugs in his vest before boarding a flight.


·         Pros: Waterproof

·         Cons: Not especially breathable, consistent with reviewers

·         Material: Unclear—but whatever it's , it’s waterproof!

·         Number of pockets: 26


Atlas Stretch Hooded Jacket.


Though it doesn’t have nearly as many pockets because the first two, this water-repellent jacket from Eddie Bauer still does an excellent job with seven exterior pockets and one hidden interior pocket designed for travel documents.

The hood are often stored by rolling it and securing it with a Velcro strap, and a hem cord helps seal it over the hips.

 Also excellent: it’s mechanically cleanable (hallelujah!). It does fit slimmer than a number of the opposite options on the list, but also has two-way stretch for comfort. If you wish an athletic look, choose this one.


·         Pros: Slim fit, accurate sizing

·         Cons: Fewer pockets than another options

·         Material: Nylon and spandex

·         Number of pockets: 8


SocttEVest T5 blazer.

Maybe the adventure-chic look isn’t quite your style and you would like something functional which will even be taken to a board room.

Sound like you? Consider ScotteVest’s T5 blazer , which has 19 pockets for a camera, tablet (up to 12.9 inches), phone, four pens, and an RFID-blocking pocket (which can help prevent identity theft).

Reviewers say it’s a touch warmer than a hoodie, so great for moderate weather or an air-conditioned office. most of the people just like the fit right out of the box, though it’s also easy to tailor.


·         Pros: Sleek, functional, and spacious

·         Cons: Some reviewers complained that the shoulders and chest were too tight

·         Material: Polyester, rayon, and spandex

·         Number of pockets: 19



Best Women’s Jackets With Hidden Pockets

Pack Windbreaker- Women's.


Another option from ScotteVest, this one may be a windbreaker designed specifically for ladies (so a more flattering shape than the men’s version) but still comes with 19 super-useful pockets—14 of which are hidden within the interior.

Interior pockets include pouches for cameras, tablets, travel documents, glasses and IDs. Both water and stain resistant, the jacket is super-duper light (literally but a pound!) Also nice: the hood folds into itself, and additionally to grey and navy, the jacket comes in red. Reviewers have said it’s even eliminated the necessity for a handbag , although it can get a touch bulky when you’ve loaded it to the brim.


·         Pros: Folds into its own pocket, super lightweight

·         Cons: Reviewers say if you propose to layer or don’t sort of a snug fit, size up

·         Material: Polyester

·         Number of pockets: 19


BOMBAX Women Travel Jacket 10 Pocket Flight Bomber.

This bomber-style jacket has some great travel features before we even get to the pockets bit. First, it's a detachable neck pillow that you simply can inflate on the go, built-in fingerless gloves and a zipper that doubles as a pen or stylus.

As far as pockets, it’s got the quality setup for a tablet and phone, but it’s also got a stand-up drink pocket, so you'll stash a beer or coffee once you need your hands free. And it’s machine-washable, so it’s easy to require care of on the go. It’s tons more stylish than the opposite picks, too (not that we’re choosing favorites).


·         Pros: Stylish, with extra travel features

·         Cons: Both the jackets and therefore the pockets themselves run small

·         Material: Cotton and polyester

·         Number of pockets: 10


Levi's Women's Lightweight Cotton Hooded Anorak Jacket.

Four exterior pockets and two interior pockets make this the jacket with the littlest number of hidden storage spots on the list, but it’s still quite enough to stay your carry-on burden and to skip a bag while sightseeing. The hood are often snapped on and off and sleeves are often rolled for warmer weather.

It’s breathable but a pleasant layer on mild days (50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit) consistent with reviewers. Most say that the fit is relaxed enough that you simply can fit another sweater underneath, too, if it’s a touch colder.


·         Pros: Soft, comfortable fabric; cinchable waste

·         Cons: Some reviewers think the shoulders fit a touch tight; not all colors are faithful the photographs

·         Material: Cotton

·         Number of pockets: 6



ExOfficio Women's trip Jacket.

This zip-up jacket (the buttons are only for show) has an indoor six-pocket system, including a delegated phone pocket (which admittedly runs too small for Plus models of the iPhone) and a spot for a smaller iPad or tablet.

The cinching waist helps to tailor the jacket to your exact size, and it’s loose enough to suit a sweater underneath. the material is coated with a water-resistant finish, too, so you'll take it call at light rain. If you’ve got shorter arms, beware that reviewers say the jacket’s sleeves run long and aren’t great for rolling, so you'll got to visit a tailor.


·         Pros: Great internal organization, stylish

·         Cons: Mixed reviews about how well the jacket releases wrinkles, the sleeves run long, and reviewers say it attracts lint

·         Material: Nylon

·         Number of pockets: 10


ScottEVest The Rhonda.

Another winner from ScotteVest, this coat reaches down over the thighs for chillier days (though it’s not waterproof, so have an umbrella handy…maybe in one among your many pockets!). The Rhonda has 20 pockets, a removable extendable key holder and a pocket that even functions as a bottle holder.


Better yet, the coat doesn’t look bulky unless you actually overfill the pockets, so carrying your stuff won’t ruin the silhouette. (One reviewer has taken to calling it her “gadget jacket.”) the material is additionally super soft. you'll stow the hood once you don’t need it, it comes in three earth-toned colors to match your wardrobe, and sizes go up to 3XXL.


·         Pros: Soft, comfy, nice silhouette even when full

·         Cons: Not everyone thinks it fits faithful size

·         Material: Polyester

·         Number of pockets: 18


No matter what quite family vacation you’re heading out on, you’ll need a multi-pocket travel jacket to corral the long list of must-have essentials that we parents cause vacation. Lightweight, stylish outer layers that have multiple places to tuck in your passport, smartphone, bottle and kids’ snacks make traveling together with your gang that much easier.

Even better are ones that provide hidden pockets to stay cash and credit cards secure. Here’s our list of the nine best multi-pocket travel jackets for moms and dads.


Multi pocket jacket for travelling


1.       BauBax Multi Pocket Travel Jacket: BauBax Multi Pocket Travel Jacket; Courtesy of BauBax


Designed to stay stylish parents super organized, the BauBax Bomber 2.0 Multi Pocket Travel Jacket makes chaotic vacations a breeze, which is perhaps why the men’s travel jacket is that the highest crowd-funded fashion item.


It features about 20 useful features, including an integrated domino , inflatable neck pillow and footrest, built-in fleece-lined gloves, neoprene-lined drink pocket, telescopic pen and stylus, earphone and sunglass holders, opener , tablet pocket, and more.


With a detachable hood and a breathable shell, this BauBax jacket takes you thru any quite weather. It’s available in four styles for both men and ladies in multiple colors. Reviewers note that this slim-fit jacket runs small, so you'll want to order a take stock .





2. Tag Safari Jacket for ladies : Tag Safari Jacket for Women; Courtesy of Amazon


Let’s face it: Moms carry everything their children can possibly need while travelling, then some. Crafted in Africa, the Tag Safari Jacket for ladies isn't only ideal for adventurers and photographers, but its multiple button-down pockets also make it the proper choice for moms.


Relaxed and breathable, this 100-percent cotton jacket features a belted waist and cross-stitched epaulettes so you'll keep a handbag, pair of binoculars or diaper bag securely fastened if you’re also carrying a toddler (or two!). Layer it over a T-shirt, and if the weather turns warm, you'll easily roll up the sleeves. This lightweight women’s travel jacket works well while hiking or fishing.





3. SCOTTeVEST Men’s Pack Windbreaker Travel Jacket: Multi-Pocket Men's Travel Jacket


With its 19 pockets and plenty of useful features, the SCOTTeVEST Men’s Pack Windbreaker Travel Jacket will likely become your go-to piece of clothing.


made up of a mechanically cleanable polyester, this men’s travel jacket can withstand anything your kids can (and probably will) throw at it. There are several secure, hidden pockets to store your passport, credit cards, and the other valuables you would like to stay handy. This multi-pocket travel jacket also has an eyeglass cleaning chamois, detachable key chain, and bottle holder.






4. BOMBAX Multi Pocket Women’s Travel Jacket: BOMBAX Multi Pocket Women’s Travel Jacket; Courtesy of Amazon


Billed as a 16-in-1 travel jacket, the BOMBAX 10 Pocket Women’s Hoodie has you covered for whatever you would like while you’re on the go.


the sensible hidden pockets—one of which is water-resistant—easily stash sunglasses, a phone, tablet and passport, and therefore the multi pocket travel jacket also includes a detachable neck pillow, eye mask, hand warmers, built-in fingerless gloves, change pocket, earphone holder, pen and microfiber cloth.


There’s also a transportable charger pocket and stand-up drink pocket. This heavy-weight zip-up sweatshirt will keep you warm on freezing flights, and if your child spills something on you, you'll simply toss the cotton-polyester jacket into the washer .





5. CAMEL CROWN Men’s Waterproof 3-in-1 ski parka: CAMEL CROWN Men's Waterproof 3-in-1 Ski Jacket; Courtesy of Amazon


When you need a convertible men’s travel jacket that’s warm, windproof and waterproof, grab the CAMEL CROWN Men’s Waterproof 3-in-1 ski parka . Ideal for outdoor hiking or skiing in frigid or rainy temperatures, this multi pocket travel jacket is additionally stain-repellent.


The military-grade Teflon outer shell and removable inner fleece men’s travel jacket are often worn separately or together, making this an excellent four-season option. Available in black or Army green, this multi pocket travel jacket has five pockets within the outer shell and two secure ones within the fleece part, plus a supporting hole for your earphones.





6. Jenkoon Women’s Anorak Utility Jacket Vest: Jenkoon Women's Anorak Utility Jacket Vest; Courtesy of Amazon


Useful when hiking or chasing toddlers at a topic park, the Jenkoon Women’s Anorak Utility Jacket Vest are often thrown over a long-sleeve T-shirt or heavier sweater counting on the weather, while providing four deep front pockets to stash juice boxes, tissues, wet wipes and your phone.


Available during a sort of colors, this cotton-polyester hooded travel vest has an adjustable drawstring waist and snap button closure. Because you'll toss it within the washer , it’s practical for moms on the go.





7. SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow Multi Pocket Travel Jacket: SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow Multi Pocket Travel Jacket; Courtesy of SCOTTeVEST


Form-fitting and comfy , the SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow hoodie is great for once you want to go away your purse at the hotel. With 18 internal pockets, you'll literally wear everything you would like to bring for the day, and it’s the right airport jacket that allows you to ace security as soon as you're taking it off.


Featuring smart, athletic styling and made from quick-dry fabric, the women’s hoodie includes cuff-gloves for your hands, plus an eyeglass cleaning chamois, detachable key chain and bottle holder. This machine-washable sweatshirt runs small, so if you wish your jackets roomy, order a take stock . SCOTTeVEST’s patented Weight Management System ensures the proper balance across your jacket to stay things comfortable, too.





8. Wantdo Women’s Mountain Ski Fleece Jacket: Wantdo Women's Mountain Ski Fleece Jacket; Courtesy of Amazon


For frosty ski vacations, you’ll need a multi pocket travel jacket which will assist you face the weather. The Wantdo Women’s Mountain Ski Fleece Jacket is wind and waterproof, and features a warm liner crafted with polyester designed for max heat retention.


Available in five colors, the jacket has adjustable cuffs and storm hood, plus an indoor drawstring hem to stay out the wind, and a stretchy glove with thumb hole to stay fingers toasty warm. Several zippered pockets keep your belongings secure as you attack those moguls, and an earphone line inside the jacket will allow you to hear tunes with one ear while keeping tabs on the small ones with the opposite.





9. Atlas Stretch Hooded Jacket: Atlas Stretch Hooded Jacket; Courtesy of Eddie Bauer


Available in five colors, the lightweight Atlas Stretch Hooded Jacket features an athletic fit and space to store plenty of travel necessities, either in during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among the seven exterior pockets or in a zippered inside pocket.


 Featuring a nylon/spandex soft shell, it’s stretchy enough for hiking or chasing your kids around a topic park. When temperatures drop or you’re caught during a light rain, pull up the hood, which may be rolled away once you don’t need it.


Reviewers note this men’s travel jacket is especially great for tall guys. Layer it over a fleece or wear it on its own, and you’ll be covered for your whole trip. Bonus: You’ll get the Eddie Bauer product guarantee with this multi pocket travel jacket.



Best Mens Travel Jackets with Hidden Pockets



There are a lot of travel jackets with many pockets on the market, but many pockets don’t always equate to an honest jacket. Unless the pockets are well placed and secure, you not only risk personal items falling from a pocket or being stolen by pickpockets, the jacket also can be very uncomfortable and not fit the aim .


We have chosen seven men’s jackets, all suited to different seasons, styles and purpose. What they are doing have in common is that they are all designed with style, practicality, comfort and most of all, safety in mind. Jackets with secure hidden pockets to make sure your jacket is pickpocket-proof, comfortable and classy .


1. Pickpocket Proof Features


Security features are an important a part of an honest travel jacket for men. After all, one among the prime advantages these jackets is to stay valuables close and secure. search for travel jackets with zippable secret pockets, interior pockets, pockets with hidden zips and even pockets with RFID blocking technology.


2. sort of Material


Whether choosing a jacket for travel, everyday use or one which will work for both, believe the climate and sort of use when watching materials. does one need waterproof and windproof for harsher environments, does one need a heavier jacket for cold temperatures, or are you trying to find casual comfort?


Keep in mind the sort of use and the way versatile you would like your jacket to be. If unsure , a light-weight , windproof, water-resistant coat will always work well because it are often layered for warmth and packs light when you’re not using it.


3. Protective Linings and Non-damaging Pockets


The hidden pockets in your jacket should be capable of carrying fragile items like phones and sunglasses without damaging them. The jacket should have a minimum of one pocket with protective lining to stay delicate surfaces from getting scratched.


4. Design


An ideal men’s travel jacket should work equally well for travel as day to day wear. simply because a jacket is meant with pickpocket proof capabilities or with travel in mind, it shouldn't stand out intrinsically . you would like a jacket that suits your style and appears as reception during a city because it does on a travel day. we've talked about how dressing sort of a local once you travel can help keep you safe as nothing attracts pickpockets quite a clear tourist.


5. Additional Useful Features


Look for any additional features like removable hoods and sleeves to rework your jacket into a light-weight vest. There are even some jackets that feature top-notch technology like plastic panels or touch-sensitive pockets, to facilitate the utilization of smartphones without actually taking them out.



Choosing the proper Travel Jacket


Having travelled full time for over five years, we all know the importance of a good-travel jacket for men, especially one with hidden pockets. Through our personal experience and research, we've selected the foremost reliable and classy pickpocket-proof travel jackets supported the subsequent criteria:


·         Style: a perfect travel jacket should strike a right balance between being casual, stylish and safe/secure. For travel, versatility is significant . you want to also feel good wearing the jacket.


·         Comfort: Comfort is vital , but the proper fit also will help keep your belongings safer. Too large, items flop around, too small and you restrict what you'll slot in your pockets.


·         Durability: an honest jacket is usually an everyday jacket, especially once you are travelling, so choose a top quality fabric which will go the space .


·         Pickpocket Proof Design: check out the pocket configuration, especially the amount of secure pockets to make sure it meets your needs.


·         Weight: Even when it involves a warm winter coat, you don’t need a jacket so heavy it becomes a burden to lug it around. With advancements in fabric technology and style , your jacket are often both warm and light-weight .


·         Multiple Pockets: a perfect jacket should have various pockets but many pockets don’t always make the simplest jacket. Does the jacket have the proper pockets for you? What does one want to hold , does one need secure yet quick access pockets, are the secure pockets large enough for your phone, wallet or other valuables? check out the pocket configuration and confirm it fits your needs.




SCOTTeVEST Mens Pack Windbreaker Jacket


Popular brand SCOTTeVEST is understood for its quality travel jackets boasting a number of the best-hidden pocket jackets designs. a superb men’s travel jacket, this lightweight utility jacket is usually mentioned because the perfect windbreaker for each adventure.


It has been well-designed to balance weight across the jacket regardless of how loaded always to make sure optimal comfort. The external back pocket of the windbreaker jacket also packs into itself for quick and seamless storage.


It is lightweight and dries relatively quick, which is ideal for travel.


SCOTTeVEST Men's Pack Windbreaker Travel Jacket | 19 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket

Pro: The jackets’ outside pocket includes zippers that provide better protection from pickpockets.

Con: When in use, the pocket designed for iPad storage is susceptible to sagging less than the travel jacket.


Pickpocket Proof Features:


External zippable pockets provide better protection against pickpockets.

19 pockets, including 5 exterior and 14 interior pockets for secure storage of essentials.

Interior clear touch pocket for smartphone or touchscreen device usage.

Other features:


·         Stowable hood.

·         Water and stain-resistant.

·         Eyeglass pocket and cleaning chamois.

·         Weight Management System to balance the load load.

·         A network of hidden conduits for better connection of wires to devices.

·         Machine-washable.

·         Quick-drying.

·         Colours: Available in 5 colours (Black, Cobalt, Navy, Red, Graphite).


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VERSATYL Unisex Travel Jacket

Innovative design and high-quality material make this travel jacket a stand out amongst its competitors. made up of wrinkle-free, quick-dry, and water-resistant fabric, the Versatyl jacket has been designed with travel in mind although looks the part in any casual dress situation. The versatile design will take you from trekking to commuting and has all the pockets you would like without adding bulk to the planning .


·         VERSATYL Men's Travel Jacket with 18 Pockets and 29 Features (Small, Grey and Black)

·         Pro: The jacket are often folded and made into a satchel handbag

·         Con: The jacket’s sleeves run a touch on the long side.


Pickpocket Proof Features:


The best quality YKK zippers to make sure the integrity of the pockets.

18 specially designed pockets including hidden arm pocket and carry pocket at the rear .

Other features:


·         Multi-purpose wearability.

·         In-built satchel that folds into itself.

·         Availability of earphone loops.

·         Pocket designed to carry mini torch or bottle.

·         Water-resistant and wrinkle-free.

·         Colours: Available in 3 dual-colours (Navy and Aqua Blue, Black and Electric Blue, Grey and Black).


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