Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker reviews


Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker reviews



With high reviews, this speaker is sure to give anyone a pleasing evening with its flickering lights. Its long battery life including quality speakers will make the experience all the more magical.


TikiTunes pros:                                                                                  TikiTunes cons:

ü  Portable                                                                                            5 Watt speaker

ü  Can be used indoors and outdoors

ü  Affordable

ü  Long battery life

ü  LED flame


First look

The battery life is what really amazed us during the test phase of TikiTunes portable bluetooth wireless speaker. The music played constantly yet we didn't receive the ‘Battery Low’ signal until overflow 6 hours.


A small flap also covers the rear charging port of the speaker to guard it from water, dust, and other elements which will damage the device.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is recommended to get the speaker directly from the official website. This ensures that customers purchase legit products and avoid getting scammed.


Furthermore, buying items from official websites grants customers various advantages like warranties, discounts, sales, among others. Currently, Tikitunes is at the subsequent purchase price

*      SPECS


*      Device Pairing Name: TikiTunes

*      Wireless Transmission Distance: 30ft

*      Built-in High–Efficiency Lithium Battery: 7.4V/2000 mAh

*      Output Power: 5W

*      Play Time: 6 hours

*      SNR: < 75dB

*      Distortion Rate:


USER IMPRESSIONS : TikiTunes Wireless Speaker REVIEW


The first thing I noticed was how cool this speaker looks. it's tons sort of a torch and it fits right in with outdoor decor. I immediately wanted to feature 3 more speakers to our terrace area in order that it might balance out the planning of the world . there's no complicated set-up or assembly needed. The speaker is prepared to travel out of the box. I do recommend that you simply charge the speaker before use. 

Connecting to the speaker is straightforward . Once the speaker is turned on, it enters pairing mode. you'll then select it from your Bluetooth device’s menu to attach thereto . I didn’t have any issues with it unpairing while i used to be using it.


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As far as battery life goes, i used to be pretty impressed with the longevity. I used it a few of times while i used to be at work and played music consistently throughout the day. I never received a ‘low battery’ warning, but I saw once I was nearing the 6-hour mark and plugged the speaker into an influence source so it could charge. there's alittle flap on the rear of the speaker that covers the Micro USB port. The rubber flap didn't seem to remain in situ alright , which isn't good because it ensures that the speaker remains waterproof for that port.


As far as sound quality goes, i used to be not extremely impressed. In fact, i might provides it a 6 out of 10. Music came through clear, but it had been a touch hollow sounding. i might actually say that with the exception of being a touch louder, the sound quality wasn’t far better than the speakers on my iPhone XS. For me, the important star of the feature set of TikiTunes is that the ambient light. The speaker has this glorious amber light that flickers sort of a live flame. It really makes for a pleasant addition to any entertainment setting. It’s gentle, warm, and relaxing.


Best things and features Of TikiTunes

Apart from its affordability, TikiTunes wireless speaker has some amazing features that might make anyone want to urge their hands on it:


One can sync two different speakers

Pairing Bluetooth speakers has never been easier. As mentioned earlier, this feature is ideal for when the audience is cover a good area, say, different parts of the house. If one would really like to possess a good higher audio sound he could get even four speakers and connect them in pairs. However, the challenge arising from this is able to be to make sure the music from the paired devices starts to play at the precise time.


Excellent sound quality

Excellent sound quality. For alittle speaker, TikiTunes features a punchy bass which will have the users listening for hours. The midrange also ensures that the originality of the song audio is maintained and one gets to understand the art that's music.


Provides a pleasant ambience

It is often said that music is that the window to the soul. What better thanks to check out the soul of fellow mates but with the TikiTunes Bluetooth device? Furthermore, the LED lights would bring an ideal date, get-together, or the other night event that brings people together.



TikiTunes is little in size and is that the perfect device that folks could carry everywhere with them. What it lacks in size it makes up for in audio quality. albeit the device is simply a meagre size, the sound that comes from it's as big because it gets.


Continuous playtime

The 2000 mAh battery promises a playtime of up to six hours. However, customers who have reviewed the item claim that on some instances it went up to 10 hours before needing a recharge. regardless of the case, hikers and other outgoers can always carry an influence bank and make the foremost of the outdoor activity.


Easy to use

The buttons on this Bluetooth speaker are visible, making it easy to use. they're large and anyone can understand what function each button would perform. This ranges from children to adults who aren't too conversant in tech stuff.


Smartphone compatibility

Can work with both Android and Apple devices. Tikitunes can connect with most mobile phones.

Tikitunes packaging is well done and comes with the following:


ü  Set of instructions

ü  USB charging cable

ü  The speaker


In fixing the speaker

All one has got to do is turn it on and it'll be able to pair up with the phone or the other device that's to supply the music.


Read Our Special Report

We have checked out the product’s features, how it works, what customers are saying about it, and why you ought to consider having it.

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What is TikiTunes?

Produced by a reputable company called Limitless Innovations, TikiTunes may be a small, portable, Bluetooth speaker that’s perfectly designed for both the outside and indoors. The speaker packs a really impressive sound quality and other features that are bound to offer you an excellent music experience.


According to the manufacturer, the speaker offers you up to 6 hours of continuous music playtime from a spread of compatible devices. It comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery that’s rechargeable. you'll connect two TikiTunes speakers using dual synchronization abilities. The connection range is up to 30 feet. So albeit you've got an outsized apartment, otherwise you are out, say on the beach, you'll make certain to enjoy a real stereo-sound with TikiTunes speakers.


Perhaps the foremost outstanding feature about TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is that the warm ambient LED lights it produces, supplying you with the right ambiance for the evenings out with friends. Another thing that sets the speaker apart is its IP65 rating, which suggests it's both water-resistant and dust-proof. It is, therefore, one among the few high-quality Bluetooth speakers suitable to be used within the outdoors.


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Why Do i want TikiTunes?

Rated an ideal 5 out of 5 stars by most users, the usability of this Bluetooth is unrivaled. The speaker is extremely easy to use. it's compatible with most devices, so you simply got to pair it up together with your Android or iOS device and begin enjoying your music. to form the product's usability easy, there are ON/ OFF, PLAY/ PAUSE, LAST SONG, NEXT SONG buttons on the highest of the speaker. There also are volume control buttons.


For the last word stereo sound, you'll pair two TikiTunes speakers with arrange of up to 30 feet. This feature makes this product perfect for an outside event or maybe an outsized apartment. you'll set the speaker on a table or any stand. It comes with a hole at its bottom, which allows for straightforward attachment to any quite stand.


With its high capacity in-built battery, the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker gives you up to six hours of uninterrupted music playtime, something most similar products offers . The LED ambient lights will found out an ideal ambiance for your nights out with friends as you enjoy the high-quality sound coming from the speaker. this is often a product that you simply really should have.


TikiTunes Ratings and Benefits

The first thing about TikiTunes that impressed me was its design that matches perfectly within the outdoor décor. i prefer enjoying my music within the outdoors, so once I first used this speaker and noticed what it could offer, I ordered two more in order that i might balance my patio area.


Using the speaker is straightforward . Once you switch it on, it automatically enters pairing mode. you'll only got to select it from your device’s Bluetooth menu and luxuriate in your music. i used to be pleased with the longevity of the battery. Its sound quality is additionally impressive. during a scale of ten, i might rate it a seven. Music comes from the speaker clearly. In fact, comparing the sound quality of the music from my iPhone XS and TikiTunes, i might say the speaker features a far better quality.


The glorious flickering ambient light is additionally impressive. It makes for a superb addition to virtually any entertainment setting. it's warm, relaxing, and delicate . a number of the advantages of using TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker include:


Ø  Extremely easy to use

Ø  The ambient flickering light sets up nice ambiance for any entertainment setting

Ø  You rise up to six hours of playtime

Ø  High capacity battery

TiTikiTunes Key Features

Great Sound Quality

The sound quality of this device goes to surprise and delight you. It packs a powerful sound quality, withpunchy bass, and a superb mid-range will surely have you ever taking note of music for hours.

Speaker Pair

This is one among the favourite features for many customers. you'll pair two Tiki Tunes speakers for a real stereo sound. This feature also makes it possible to use TikiTunes speakers even during a large apartment.

LED Ambient Light

The flickering LED ambient light creates an ideal ambiance for those nights out with friends. it's warm, relaxing, and delicate .

Ease of Use

This is one among the simplest Bluetooth speakers out there. Just pair and play. The speaker is additionally small, lightweight, and portable.

Other features of TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speakers include compatibility with Android and iOS devices and a high-capacity in-built battery that lasts up to six hours.


Check Discount!

TikiTunes Reviews: What Customers are Saying

There are several TikiTunes customer reviews online.There also are many positive reviews on the product’s website, with customers expressing their satisfaction with the merchandise . While there are a couple of customers who aren't entirely impressed by TikiTunes, overall, most customers seem to be proud of the merchandise .


Where to shop for TikiTunes Today

You can get the merchandise directly from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer is giving customers a 50% discount on all orders. they're also offering free shipping on all products. This is, however, a limited offer, so you would possibly want to hurry and obtain TikiTunes at a bargain.



  • 1 x TikiTunes Wireless Speaker + Ambient Light
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable


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