Customer reviews: TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth 5.0 (expert reviews)


Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather proof portable speaker reviews


With good reviews, this particular speaker will certainly give anyone a good evening because of its flickering lights. Its extended battery life such as quality speakers are going to make the knowledge all the more magical.

Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker

TikiTunes pros:                                                                                  TikiTunes cons:

ü  Portable                                                                                             five Watt speaker

ü  Is usually used inside and outdoors

ü  Affordable

ü  Long battery life

ü  LED flame


First look

The battery life is exactly what truly amazed us throughout the test stage of TikiTunes transportable bluetooth wireless speaker. The music played continuously yet we did not get the' Battery Low' signal until overflow six hours.

A little flap additionally covers the back charging port of the speaker to guard it from drinking water, dust, along with various other components that will harm the unit.

Just how much Will it Cost?

It's suggested to get the speaker from the official site. This ensures that people purchase legit merchandise and stay away from getting scammed.


Moreover, purchasing items from official sites grants customers different advantages as warranties, sales, discounts, among others. Presently, Tikitunes is in the consequent buy price

Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker

*      SPECS

  * Device Pairing Name: TikiTunes

* Wireless Transmission Distance: 30ft

* Built in High Efficiency Lithium Battery: 7.4V/2000 mAh

* Output Power: 5W

* Play Time: six hours

* SNR: < 75dB


 The very first thing I noticed was exactly how awesome this speaker looks. it is lots kind of a torch which fits right in with outside decor. 

I immediately needed to offer three additional speakers to our terrace location as a way that it may balance the preparation of the planet. there is simply no complex assembly or set-up required. The speaker is ready to go right away. I do suggest that you just charge the speaker before usage.

Linking to the speaker is simple. After the speaker is switched on, it goes into pairing mode. you will next choose it from your Bluetooth device 's menu to connect thereto. I did not have some problems with it unpairing while i used to be making use of it. 

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So far as battery life goes, i used to get really pleased with the longevity. I used it a number of times while i was once at the office and played music regularly during the day. I never got a' low battery' warning, though I noticed the moment I was nearing the 6 hour mark and then plugged the speaker into an impact supply so it might charge. 

there is alittle flap on the back of the speaker which spreads over the Micro USB port. The rubber flap did not appear to stay in situ alright, and that is not excellent since it guarantees the speaker is still waterproof for that port.

In terms of quality of the sound goes, i would once be not very impressed. In reality, i might offers it a six out of ten. Music came through clear, though it'd been a touch hollow sounding. 

i may really claim that except for becoming a touch louder, the quality of the sound was not more effective compared to the speakers on my iPhone XS. For me personally, the key star of the feature set of TikiTunes would be that the background lighting. The speaker has this glorious amber light which flickers kind of a living flame. 

It truly makes for a great addition to any entertainment environment. It is relaxing, warm, and gentle.

Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker

Best features and things Of TikiTunes

Besides its value, TikiTunes wireless speaker has a few incredible features which may make anyone wish to encourage their hands on it:


One could sync 2 various speakers

Pairing Bluetooth speakers has never ever been much easier. As stated previously, this particular feature is perfect for once the audience is cover an excellent area, say, various regions of the home. In case one would truly like possessing an excellent higher audio sound he might get even 4 speakers and link them in pairs. Nevertheless, the task arising out of this's in a position to be making sure the music coming from the paired products begins to play at the exact time.


Great quality of sound

Excellent sound quality. For alittle speaker, TikiTunes includes a punchy bass that is going to have the users listening for several hours. The midrange additionally guarantees the originality of the song sound is maintained plus one gets to recognize the art form that is music. 

Provides an enjoyable ambience

It's frequently said that music would be that the window on the soul. What an eco-friendly because of take a look at the soul of fellow mates however with the TikiTunes Bluetooth device? Moreover, the LED lighting would provide the ideal date, get-together, or maybe the other night event which brings individuals together.

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Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker


TikiTunes is very little in size and would be that the ideal device which people could possibly carry everywhere with them. Just what it lacks in size it compensates for in sound quality. albeit the unit is merely a meagre size, the noise which comes through it is as large since it becomes.


Constant playtime

The 2000 mAh battery promises a playtime of as much as 6 hours. Nevertheless, buyers that have reviewed the product claim that on several situations it went a maximum of ten hours prior to requiring a recharge. no matter the situation, hikers along with other outgoers can still have an impact bank and make the foremost of the backyard exercise.


Very easy to make use 

the big buttons on this Bluetooth speaker are apparent, making it very easy to use. they are large as well as people is able to know what run each button would perform. This ranges from kids to adults that are not very conversant in tech things. 

Smartphone compatibility

Can use both Apple and Android products. Tikitunes are able to link up with many mobile phones.

Tikitunes packaging is nicely done and also comes with the following:


Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker

ü  Set of instructions

ü  USB charging cable

ü  The speaker


In repairing the speaker 

All one seems to have to do is change it on and it will have the ability to match up with the telephone or maybe the other unit that is to provide the music.

Read Our Special Report

We have checked out the product’s features, how it works, what customers are saying about it, and why you ought to consider having it.

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Tikitunes wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker

What's TikiTunes?

Created by a respected company known as Limitless Innovations, TikiTunes might be a little, lightweight, Bluetooth speaker that is perfectly created for both the outside and inside. The speaker packs an extremely amazing quality of the sound along with other features that are certain to provide you with a great music experience.

Based on the maker, the speaker provides you with as many as six hours of constant music playtime originating from a spread of suitable products. It comes with an in built 2000mAh battery that is rechargeable. you will connect 2 TikiTunes speakers making use of dual synchronization abilities. The connection range is as much as thirty feet. Therefore albeit you have have an outsized apartment, or else you're out, state on the seaside, you will make sure to enjoy a genuine stereo sound with TikiTunes speakers..


Possibly the foremost fantastic characteristic about TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker would be that the comfortable background LED lighting it creates, providing you with the proper ambiance for the nights away with friends. One more thing that sets the speaker apart is its IP65 rating, which indicates it is both dust-proof and water-resistant. It's, thus, one of all the number of high-quality Bluetooth speakers ideal to be used to the outdoors.


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So why do i need TikiTunes?

Rated a great five out of five stars by nearly all customers, the usability of the Bluetooth is unparalleled. The speaker is very simple to use. it is agreeable with many products, therefore you just got to match it up together in your Android or maybe iOS device and start savoring your music. 

to develop the product 's usability easy, you will find ON/ OFF, LAST SONG, PLAY/ PAUSE, Next SONG buttons on the top of the speaker. Generally there are undoubtedly volume control buttons.

For the final word stereo audio, you will match 2 TikiTunes speakers with arrange of as much as thirty feet. This feature uses this product ideal for an outside event or maybe perhaps an outsized apartment. you will set the speaker on any stand or a table. It has a hole at its bottom, that enables simple attachment to the rather stand.

With its increased capability in built battery, the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker provides you with as many as 6 hours of uninterrupted music playtime, something many related goods has. 

The LED background illumination are going to found away the most perfect ambiance for your evenings out with friends as you love the high quality sound coming out of the speaker. this's usually a solution which you just actually ought to have.

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TikiTunes Ratings and Benefits

The very first thing about TikiTunes which impressed me was its layout that suits well in the backyard decor. i favor enjoying my music in the exterior, so the moment I 1st utilized the speaker and seen what it might provide, I purchased 2 much more as a way that i may balance my patio area.

Utilizing the speaker is simple. When you turn it on, it instantly goes into pairing mode. you will just have to pick it out of your device 's Bluetooth menu and luxuriate in your music. i used to be thrilled with the sustainability of the battery power. Its quality of the sound is also impressive. 

during a scale of 10, i could rate it a 7. Music comes out of the speaker obviously. In reality, looking at the quality of sound of the music at my iPhone XS and TikiTunes, i would probably say the speaker comes with a more effective quality.

The glorious flickering ambient lighting is also remarkable. It will make for a superb addition to almost any entertainment setting. it is delicate, relaxing, and warm. a selection of the rewards of utilizing TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker include:

 Ø Extremely simple to use

Ø The surrounding flickering light sets up excellent ambiance for just about any entertainment setting

Ø You rise as many as 6 hours of playtime

Ø High capability battery

TiTikiTunes Key Features

Great Quality of sound 

The quality of sound of this device would go to surprise as well as delight you. It has a great quality of sound, withpunchy bass, along with an excellent mid-range will certainly have you taking note of music for several hours.

Speaker Pair

This's one of all the favourite features for a lot of customers. you will pair 2 Tiki Tunes speakers for a genuine stereo sound. This characteristic additionally makes it possible to make use of TikiTunes speakers even during a big apartment.

LED Ambient Light

The flickering LED ambient light generates a great ambiance for all those evenings out with friends. it is delicate, relaxing, and warm.

Simplicity of use 

This's a single among the easiest Bluetooth speakers out there. Simply pair as well as play. The speaker is also small, little, and lightweight.

Other highlights of TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speakers include compatibility with Ios and android devices along with a high capacity in built battery which will last approximately 6 hours.

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TikiTunes Reviews: What Customers are Saying

There are many TikiTunes consumer reviews online.There are undoubtedly lots of good ratings on the item's site, with clients revealing their satisfaction with the products. While generally there are a few of customers that are not totally impressed by TikiTunes, general, many customers appear to be satisfied of the products.


Where you can shop for TikiTunes Today

You are able to get the merchandise from the manufacturer's site. The company is offering customers a fifty % discount on all orders. they are additionally providing free delivery on most products. This's, nonetheless, a small offer, therefore you'd perhaps want to hurry as well as obtain TikiTunes at a good deal.



  • 1 x TikiTunes Wireless Speaker + Ambient Light
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable


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