best backpacks for skateboards: best skateboard travel bag


best backpacks for skateboards: best skateboard travel bag 

sometimes you have the best product for your hobbies like a skateboard and travel so today we hare with some great backpacks that best for you hobby with travel especially for the skateboard. 

some people think skateboard is a sport and take it lightly but is not true skateboarding is a carrier for some people. are not crazy, so skateboard is not useless.

Everest skateboard backpack

Everest skateboard backpack _best skateboard backpacks

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A simple and sturdy skateboard backpack with dimensions 12″ x 6.5″ x 17″ (LxWxH). the twin hook and loop straps are there to securely hold your skateboard.


Features dual zipped main compartments which will store all of your necessary things. Also has got to front pockets for extra space for storing. The backpack also has curved shoulder straps for a cushy fit.




This backpack made from top-quality polyester

Excellent professional stitching so you'll use it for an extended time

This nice skateboard backpack has dual hook & loop straps for safety

This light back weighing half a kilogram is sort of convenient

Sophisticated design and structure

The company has about thirty years of experience



One consumer said the bag was torn too quickly because he kept too many items

Nike SB skateboard backpack


Nike SB skateboard backpack_best skateboard

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Made of 100% polyester material this backpack is extremely popular among skaters. This skate backpack has buckle straps to assist carry your skateboard easily. The backpack can easily store your 15-inch laptop within the external zip sleeve. The curved shoulder straps help support and provide a cushy fit.




This backpack has several zipper compartments

The shoulder straps are slightly curved so that they fit snugly in your arm

The back also has padded cushions to make sure your comfort

Several storage systems have increased the use of backpacks



Quite hard and rigid backpack

Dakine skate backpack

Dakine skate backpack_best skateboard backpacks

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This backpack isn't just durable but also very stylish and comes in a sort of different colors. The backpack has skateboard carry straps to assist in easily carry your skateboard around. Front zipper pockets included assisting carry your belongings.




There are nice and cozy straps to hold

There also are pockets within the front of the backpack to carry emergency papers

This backpack is out there in several colors



A very simple backpack

Dakine skateboard backpack

Dakine skateboard backpack_best skateboard backpacks_

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A very strong and sturdy skate backpack made from 600D polyester. It has straps that will hold your skateboard The backpack also has sleeves that will hold your laptop for you. It also features a sunglass pocket and side secured zipper pockets.




There is a separate compartment for holding a 15-inch laptop

separate straps for carrying the skateboard which is sort of comfortable

even separate pockets to hold nice skate sunglasses

There is also a zipper within the pocket for safety



It has counterfeit products on the market so take care when purchasing

Dakine Atlas skate backpack

Dakine Atlas skate backpack_best skateboard backpacks_

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Durable and made with 100% polyester materials with padding for comfort. The zippers are strong and guaranteed to stay your valuables safe. Features one interior slip and three exterior zippers. The backpack also comes in many various colors.




This backpack is formed of a mixture of strong fabric and polyester

There are comfortable straps to hold the skateboard deck

Available in attractive designs and aesthetic colors

There also are separate safe pockets for holding skate sunglasses

There is also a zipper within the pocket

There is a separate compartment for holding laptops up to fifteen inches



There are counterfeit products on the market, take a glance at the vendor when purchasing

Mohave Skate Backpack

Element skateboard backpack_best skateboard backpacks_

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Another skate backpack widely employed by skaters, very durable and made from 100% polyester. The backpack features a spacious compartment and outer pockets. The backpack has two straps to carry your skateboard and a dangling loop strap.




Strong backpack made from 100% polyester

Lining and excellent quality polyester

Access is extremely tolerable thanks to a zipper closure

This backpack also can be washed by hand

This backpack features a separate laptop sleeve



One consumer claims that functionality isn't so useful

Dakine Lid skate backpack


Dakine Lid skate backpack_best skateboard backpacks_

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Stylish and sturdy this skateboard backpack is formed of 100% polyester material. it's a skateboard carry strap and zippered side pockets to hold drinks and other valuables. It also features a padded sleeve for laptops. The backpack also features an adjustable sternum strap. It is one of the simplest backpacks of 2018.




There are separate sleeves for holding a 15-inch laptop

With this backpack, you'll get a separate comfortable strap for carrying the skateboard

There are side pockets with quite large zippers which have increased the usefulness of the backpack

Adjustable sternum strap



A consumer has complained that the merchandise is sort of flimsy

Vans skateboard backpack

Vans skateboard backpack_best skateboard backpacks_

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A classic skate backpack design from Vans with enough room to hold your valuables. Designed with straps for your skateboard. The backpack also can be used for traveling and other curricular activities. Guaranteed quality and sturdiness from Vans.




The main compartment features a zipper for straightforward access

With this backpack, you'll get comfortable straps to hold the skateboard

There are pockets for holding water bottles on the side

Made of advanced and quality polyester



One consumer said the strap was a touch loose but he was quite satisfied

Burton skate backpack

Burton skate backpack_best skateboard backpacks_

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Skateboard backpack from burton made with high-quality polyester and maximum durability. Two straps are added to carry your skateboard. Also features one slip pocket and 4 exterior pockets to stay your valuables safely stored. The backpack also comes during a sort of many various colors.


These are the highest ten best skateboard backpacks you'll buy for yourself. confine mind to chose an honest quality backpack with high-quality materials because the backpacks are going to be thrown around. So we recommend you accompany one that suits your style and may carry all of your valuables.




This backpack made from quality polyester will provide long-lasting service

This backpack has closure through hook and loop

There is a front webbing to hold the skateboard

You can choose between many colors

This backpack made from modern and aesthetic design

External zippered accessory pockets



Fashion, style, and uniqueness are a number of the items that skateboarders search for in their backpacks. Ample space, and some other accessories to suit all luggage and gears are additional advantages to the skater.


Sturdiness, security with tight holders, and firm zips may be a convenient option. Personal comfort while skating, traveling town towards the skate park, and holding all necessary items safe may be crucial features.


If getting to invest in one among these, it's best to shuffle through the market and identify what's most vital to you as a private. Since these bags are numerously available, aspire for a fun-looking bag, a practical or matching pack.


Why use the simplest skateboard backpacks?

The interesting thing about this sort of best skateboard backpack is that you simply can carry many other things besides your best skateboard in them. There are many belongings you can neutralize in your backpack that isn't associated with skateboarding.


You will find many reasons to shop for a skateboard backpack. Let’s take a glance at a number of the foremost important reasons.


Multi-purpose use

Best skateboard travel bag you'll use for various purposes. There are many reasons why you'll get to carry a spread of things, including hiking, camping, meetings, traveling, getting to school or college.


skateboard backpacks

These sorts of bags allow you to simply carry your essentials also as your carving skateboards. In these bags, you'll carry everything from laptops to clothes and books, and even skate shoes!


Well organized

Another great advantage of this bag is that your belongings are going to be neatly arranged. you'll not find this feature in many other sorts of bags. you'll also find safety compartments in these bags for laptops.


It also has another compartment to carry your notebook and other stuff. There are two side pockets on either side of the bag so that the bottle is accessible.


You can also keep sunglasses, keys, and other small items within the front pouch. So you'll take them out and use them very easily and quickly when needed.



When buying this sort of backpack, you are doing not need to think differently about the security of your essentials. this sort of backpack has padded lining also as a secure zipper so your sensitive items are going to be protected.


As you would like the simplest protective gear for skateboarding, you'll need protective padding for your backpacks too!


No matter how heavy your bag is, it'll not go down after having two high-quality straps. The compartments are alright padded so no gadgets are going to be damaged.


Bad climate support

Another interesting and safe thing about these sorts of backpacks is that they need a substantial amount of water resistance. a number of the luggage also are seen to be completely waterproof.


However, these sorts of bags will protect the important things in your backpack like laptops, notebooks from water. albeit it rains tons outside, these backpacks will protect you from the rainwater with great ease.


Cruising Comfortable

This backpack can make your daily travels far more comfortable and smooth. and therefore the most enjoyable thing is that you simply will enjoy the ride with this bag.


You will not have anything to hold in your hand as you'll carry tons of things together during a bag. Having a high padded solder strap also will cause you to feel the load of the bag very low.


When you are cruising around together with your best drop through the longboard and reach your destination, then you'll get to carry it while walking too!


Buying Guide Of best skateboard backpacks

Finding the simplest backpack for skateboard isn't a simple task. With the proper technique, you'll pick the proper backpack. The feature of some bags is that it's very comfortable, durable and ready to take many things directly.


This is as complex as once you are getting to buy a skateboard rack to arrange your skateboard. So we've analyzed tons to seek out the perfect backpack during this article. Let’s determine now.


backpacks Tips


There are usually two sorts of skateboard bags. In one the skateboard is inside the bag and within the other, it's outside. Both are very useful. However, in most cases, the second sorts of skateboard bag buyers are more likely to shop for. Because you'll put tons more stuff in it.


Size of the bag


Size may be a vital factor. Whenever you purchase a skateboard, consider the dimensions alright. Most skateboarders prefer large size bags.


Because you'll keep their safety equipment like helmets, knee guards, tools, and lots of other things within the bag. Long rides also often require tons to require.


So our suggestion is to settle on the type of backpack during which you'll carry many things directly. albeit it's impossible to hold everything, choose a skateboard bag so that you'll carry the security equipment of the skateboard within the bag.


Body straps


You will see in some backpacks that there's just one strap. But we recommend buying bags that have two straps. If there's a strap within the bag, the bag moves back and forth which is extremely annoying. you'll also feel more pressure on the bag for one strap. meaning the bag will feel quite heavy.



Bags that have two straps distribute the load alright. The result's that you simply don’t desire you’re carrying anything heavy. It also features a strap at the waist so it won’t move an excessive amount. Two-strap bags are much safer than one-strap bags.


Multiple Uses


We have already said that these bags are often used for a spread of purposes. With these bags, you'll carry a spread of things also as a skateboard consistent with your preference.


It is natural that you simply can carry tons more stuff in large size bags. additionally, to skateboarding, you'll carry cotton, shoes, gadgets, and other safety equipment for various activities like traveling, hiking, camping, presenting skateboard tricks, etc.


On the opposite hand, if skateboarding is simply your main goal then you'll also choose small bags in size for skateboarding.







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