Best Eastpak Suitcase – Reviews and Comparison (Top 5)


Particularly for explorers, a suitcase is fundamental for take individual effects like garments, care and wellbeing embellishments, documents, a PC, chargers and others. Assuming clearly the decision of a suitcase relies enormously upon the necessities of the client, the recurrence of movement, yet additionally the buying power, note that the dependability of the brand is similarly as significant.

The baggage business is continually advancing. Alluding to latest things, we see countless producers who spend significant time in making suitcases. Among the heads of the global market, permit us to inform you really concerning the EASTPAK brand. 

Without a doubt, to assist you with observing the baggage adjusted to your inclinations, we have given this purchasing guide. We will discuss the fundamental focuses to be aware of the EASTPAK brand. We will likewise respond to repeating questions connected with EASTPAK suitcases . So, follow us until the end.

Best Eastpak Suitcase – Reviews and Comparison


Eastpak Tranverz L Suitcase, 79 cm


From Eastpak's Tranverz assortment, this naval force blue Eastpak suitcase is one of the biggest. Its aspects are 79 x 40 x 33 cm and its ability arrives at 121 liters. These 121 liters are split between two compartments with a lower and upper level. On every compartment, we have ties that will permit you to appropriately get your assets. On the front, we likewise have a huge pocket where you can slip a couple of things. On the sides you can see the pressure lashes. This Eastpak suitcase is made of super safe quality polyester, which ensures its solidness. Your assets will be protected in this Tranverz L suitcase, as it has a zipper and a TSA mix lock. For transport, stacking and moving, it is furnished with a customizable adjustable streetcar,


  • Polyester suitcase with two compartments on the lower and upper level

  • Accompanies a TSA blend latch

  • 121 liter stockpiling volume with pressure ties




79 x 40 x 33cm


Naval force blue


  • Extremely light suitcase

  • Wonderful to convey

  • Capacity volume at in excess of 121 liters, since there is as yet the external pocket


  • Suitcase not sufficient, not supporting terrible dealing with

  • Free lock


Eastpak TRANVERZ S Lodge Baggage


Assuming you are searching for a lodge suitcase that stands apart a little, you can go to this Eastpak S blue dark suitcase with a metropolitan print superimposed on highly contrasting structures and squares of blue tone. You will not experience difficulty recognizing your suitcase among different suitcases. It is a lodge suitcase or all the more definitively a wheeled gear which is acknowledged in the lodge by most carriers. This Eastpak suitcase is made of 100 percent polyester texture and measures 51 x 32.5 x 23 cm. Inside, there are two conservative compartments offering an all out volume of 42 liters. Assuming you at any point surpass this volume, you can generally fix everything with the solid pressure lashes that we have outwardly. This baggage is likewise furnished with 2 wheels, an adjustable handle,


  • Lodge suitcase in 100 percent polyester

  • 2 conservative compartments for a capacity volume of 42 liters

  • Accompanies pressure ties




51 x 32.5 x 23cm




  • Extremely tasteful suitcase, however will pursue more to a youngster

  • Notwithstanding the two wheels just, it is exceptionally simple to deal with

  • Exceptionally light


  • Suitcase not waterproof


Eastpak TRANVERZ M Lodge Baggage


Assuming you really love the Upper East Side, this stylish private region in New York, this Eastpak suitcase with a print playing on the range of beat up and motivated by the high rises of this area won't leave you aloof. The texture where this suitcase is made is 100 percent polyester. On this suitcase, we have two compartments with lockable zips. On the whole, the capacity volume is assessed at 78 liters. For your different things, there is an outside fix and zipped pocket. At the point when unfilled, this EastPak suitcase is exceptionally light and measures 67 x 35.5 x 30 cm. When completely stacked, you can utilize the outer pressure lashes. This satchel additionally incorporates 2 smooth wheels, a streetcar and non-slip cushioned conveying handles, one on the top and the other as an afterthought.


  • Suitcase in 100 percent polyester texture

  • With two compartments with lockable zips

  • Suitcase with pressure ties




67 x 35.5 x 30cm


78 liters


  • Light suitcase reasonable for the lodge

  • Extremely stylish suitcase

  • Entirely steady suitcase


  • Volume not arriving at 78 liters in actuality


Eastpak Trans4 L Suitcase, 75 cm


This Eastpak Trans4 suitcase was produced using a mix of 60% nylon and 40% polyester. It can thusly profess to be safe and light. It estimates 75 x 41 x 28 cm and has a capacity volume of 80 liters. Inside, there is a compartment with a side pocket and cross lashes and one more compartment with a delicate divider plate. To close the principle compartment, we have a twofold zipper and a pass-lock. On this suitcase, there are 4 360° turn haggles adaptive bar, which will permit the client to tow and deal with it all the more effectively or more all to ease up its weight. Assuming you need to convey it, you can utilize the cushioned top or side handle. With the goal that this Eastpak suitcase isn't excessively cumbersome,

  • Suitcase in texture made out of 60% nylon and 40% polyester

  • Two unique stockpiling compartments

  • With zipper and lock






75 x 41 x 28cm


  • Very adaptable assembling material, which offers more stockpiling volume

  • Volume of 80 liters

  • Very much kept completions


  • Texture suitcase, and that implies that it isn't actually impervious to shocks and other outer animosities
  • No TSA locking framework

  • Suitcase not actually quite steady


Eastpak TRANVERZ M Hand Gear, 67 cm


This Eastpak Tranverz suitcase can tempt you with its 100 percent polyester texture in bottle green tone with a plant print with tropical leaves. It is 67 x 35.5 x 30 cm in size and 78 liters of capacity volume. Inside, there are two zipped compartments, which takes into account ideal stockpiling of your things. There are even lashes that will keep them from moving during taking care of. The material wherein this Eastpak suitcase is made is adaptable, which will permit you to store however much stuff as could be expected, yet to control the volume, you can utilize the pressure ties on the external sides. For movement and transport, this suitcase has a smooth wheel framework, an adjustable handle, a decent handle on the top and one more fixed handle as an afterthought. To appropriately get your assets, there is a TSA mix lock incorporated into this suitcase.


  • Suitcase in 100 percent polyester texture

  • Capacity volume of 78 liters split between two compartments

  • Accompanies a TSA mix latch




bottle green with vegetal print


67 x 35.5 x 30cm


  • Genuinely strong suitcase

  • She can stand

  • More stylish suitcase with the plant print


  • Material suitcase, which says it is penetrable

With regards to the EASTPAK brand

Despite the fact that we consistently perceive that many brands are devoted to the creation of sacks and suitcases, obviously the American brand EASTPAK is top notch. Regardless of whether the opposition is progressively savage in this field, EASTPAK stays the top choice of purchasers, no matter what the age. Regardless of whether rucksacks, suitcases, banana packs, climbing sacks or others, EASTPAK presents a wide assortment of packs and baggage to meet client assumptions. Similarly as it never stops to amaze its regulars with the nature of its items, its development, its meaningful mark, yet over all gratitude to the strength of its items. Truly, the organization isn't exceptionally youthful. Notwithstanding this, through its items, we see innovation and newness.

On the off chance that it, appears to be certain that EASTPAK is the sweetheart of buyers as far as gear, we will attempt to discover who is truly taking cover behind this perpetually prosperous reputation.

History of the EASTPAK brand

Did you had any idea that in its initial days, the EASTPAK brand was restricted solely to the assembling of packs for American officers, gear and security hardware? Established in 1952 on the drive of Monte Goldman, the organization limited by a nearby coordinated effort with the American armed force. Previously working as Eastern Material Items USA Inc, the organization made strong sacks reasonable for troopers' packs.

Albeit this organization is at the beginning of the reputation of the brand, yet additionally of the vigor of its items, after some time, the organization has opened up to the overall population. Without a doubt, when Imprint GOLDMAN pleased the organization in 1976, the items planned by the brand extended. Mindful of design, developing necessities, yet in addition to confront rivalry and have a spot on the lookout, EASTPAK presents a wide assortment of packs and gear. Beginning with shoulder packs, rucksacks for undergrads and youngsters, she even handled suitcases for voyagers. So, EASTPAK presently covers practically all areas of gear stockpiling.

The development of EASTPAK sacks and suitcases?

Throughout the long term, yet additionally with the mix of Norman Jacobs into the EASTPAK organization, the items provided by this brand are continually moving along. Despite the fact that we promptly perceive the robustness of EASTPAK packs and suitcases, the style appears to be excessively straightforward and antiquated. Accordingly, considering latest things and having an imaginative look, the EASTPAK brand is moving towards a more business, seriously trying, more beautiful or more all less conventional style. EASTPAK packs and suitcases are acquiring and more ground among clients. While previously, we tracked down items with mobilized forms. Until this point, the suitcases and sacks are real. EASTPAK suitcases are masterpieces readily available.

What are EASTPAK suitcases truly worth?

As we referenced above, EASTPAK bundles are among the most incredible in its field. On the off chance that the style has advanced throughout the long term, the vigor is as yet kept up with. In fact, the current chiefs have deserted the style that is excessively exemplary for a more contemporary look. Notwithstanding, strength is fundamental all of the time.

To come to the dependability of EASTPAK suitcases, we need to console you. They are a positive and beneficial interest in the long haul. No matter what the reach and value, EASTPAK suitcases are sturdy. Additionally, by far most of EASTPAK sacks and suitcases have a 30-year guarantee.


Why pick EASTPAK suitcases?

Obviously the decision isn't inadequate as far as suitcases. Going from the most fundamental model to the ultra complex model, makers give a wide assortment of suitcases. Likewise, direction is now and again relentless.

With respect to EASTPAK suitcases, note that they are a savvy decision, no matter what the recurrence of utilization. They are not simply classy, they are strong, appropriate for everybody or more completely produced using top notch materials. The suitcases are unique and safe. Regardless of whether you travel regularly with this equivalent suitcase, it hazards nothing. Moreover, the 30-year guarantee is as yet substantial, gave specific conditions are met.

What is the best scope of EASTPAK suitcases?

Since the EASTPAK brand has extended its items and opened up to the public market, it has delivered a wide assortment of suitcases for every day use. Albeit the nature of each EASTPAK suitcase is at its pinnacle, we have chosen one model specifically. With a genuinely exemplary, calm, yet current plan, we cause you to notice the EASTPAK TRANZSHELL scope of suitcases. With a volume of 75 liters and a component of 77x43x26cm, this suitcase can contain your belongings for an outing of 2 to 3 weeks.

To provide you with a brief look at the nature of this suitcase, note that the inside is enhanced with a few zipped compartments with a lash to keep your garments in amazing condition. It has 4 wheels with a TSA lock framework. To put it plainly, we can suggest this model.

Does the 30-year warranty apply to all EASTPAK mark things?

For quite a while, a lot of purchasers have communicated qualms about the 30-year warranty reported by the producer. While this point is one of the significant selling points of the brand, a few clients warranty that this assurance is just substantial in specific cases or more everything that it doesn't make a difference to all items.

To edify you regarding this matter, realize that as indicated by the documentation given by the brand, this assurance is pertinent to all exemplary items, specifically packs, knapsacks, yet in addition baggage. Nonetheless, the brand obviously expresses that items in restricted series or produced using stylish materials just have a 2-year warranty. Note that a little name plainly shows whether or not the warranty is covered for EASTPAK baggage.

Where to track down EASTPAK suitcases at the best cost?

Assuming you are additionally searching for an EASTPAK suitcase for your movements, for occasions or for capacity at home, we urge you to do as such. Realize that EASTPAK suitcases are among the most grounded and generally solid as far as baggage stockpiling. This procurement will help you.

Be that as it may, to exploit the best value, make your buy on the internet based deals webpage This web-based deals stage guarantees you of value, credible items or more all quick and agreeable conveyance. In case of an issue, the after-deals administration is available to you and attempts to observe an answer adjusted to your concerns.

The amount to anticipate the acquisition of an EASTPAK suitcase?

From what we could see available, the cost of EASTPAK suitcases differs starting with one model then onto the next. Additionally, it is hard for us to characterize an exact spending plan for the acquisition of this hardware. All things considered, to give you a thought and a value gauge, we welcome you to give something like 100 euros. There are models sold in series with a costly cost. Yet, by and large, from 100 euro, you will be ruined for decision. Obviously, the cost relies upon your assumptions, yet in addition on the size picked.

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