Best Scooter Suitcase For kids in 2022

Best scooter suitcase for Childs - Reviews and comparison 

Adventurers and money managers know it well indeed: voyaging is a delight, however setting up your gear is an incredible torment. Aside from movement and convenience reservations, it is basic to really focus on the decision of your suitcase.

To observe the best suitcase, you need to consider the sort of outing to be made and its span. Without a doubt, as indicated by these boundaries, you will absolutely not need a similar sort of suitcase. Furthermore, with the endless suitcases sold on the store, it is hard to explore.

Among the most popular suitcases, the scooter suitcase is surely one of them, on account of their many benefits. In any case, there is an array of scooter cases that describing the ideal decision turns as an extreme test.
Have confidence, we will give you all the fundamental data to effortlessly track down your future scooter suitcase.

How do Kids Scooter Suitcases Function?

Basically, it's a straightforward kids suitcase on wheels, however with the special reward the suitcases can be ridden very much like your child's cherished scooter at home. It's a pleasant oddity way for your kids to get around an extended get-away, yet may not suit each movement circumstance – so read on to check whether it very well may be the best answer for your kids!

Significant Highlights of Kids Scooter Suitcases

I bet as a parent one of the main things you are pondering, is it really permitted and protected to utilize scooter baggage? Also is it really pragmatic or simply an adorable curiosity? This is what we suggest guardians search for while taking into account whether scooter gear is the correct thing for their youngster:

Scooter size and weight – A critical thought in the event that this is expected as a youngster's item. As you are joining both a strong metal scooter with a suitcase it's not the lightest of youngsters' items. Do factor in the general load of the item – in addition to the amount it will weigh whenever it's loaded with your kid's cherished treats – can they convey it when it needs lifting (think steps, lifting onto security belt at the air terminal)?

Handlebar stature – additionally think about the handle tallness of the scooter suitcase. Does it accompany a movable handlebar that will develop with your youngster? What's more would the handlebar be able to withdraw to make the suitcase conservative for stowing?

Mobility – inseparably with the size and weight comes the ride quality and mobility. It's essential to note as you are conveying additional weight it won't be similar ride quality as their typical little, lightweight scooters. It's somewhat more hard for kids to zoom about and make tight curves while conveying additional load in front. Ensure they get some training at home (with weight for the situation) prior to taking holiday.

Solid material – Pick a kids scooter suitcase with a hard external shell or sturdy, stain-safe material is fundamental. Regardless of how solid the plastic, assuming that treated generally the case can be vulnerable to breakages. Cautious treatment of the suitcase zippers is likewise fundamental, don't let kids over jam the case or pull too severe with zippers.

Separable pack/suitcase – a few items permit you to eliminate the suitcase/sack and convey it independently without the scooter. This can be a decent choice on a more drawn out trip where it may not be suitable to take the scooter part all over the place.

Involving scooter gear in air terminals and on planes

You might address whether carriers will permit these to be utilized. We would say, we have not known about anybody having any issue bringing scooter baggage through an air terminal and on to a plane, as long as it is collapsed fit to be stowed in the overhead storage.

Try not to allow kids to ride them onto the airplane and do watch out for their riding abilities and speed through packed spots like air terminals and – set the standard procedures!

DO CHECK with individual aircrafts before you fly whether the thing is overhead storage grievance size as it will change! Most brands say that they are, as a rule, the width and profundity are fine, yet check the general stature when the handlebar is contracted. Assuming it's too long you'll need to stow it under which might actually harm the case and bring about additional charges.

You'll likewise have to contemplate what happens when the thing is stowed in the overhead storage. There is a hindrance to bulkier kids gear that dissimilar to a little youngster's knapsack they can't just keep it at their feet all through a flight. This doesn't mean they won't work for air travel, simply be aware of the constraints with regards to capacity, prepare and get things your kid will require out during the trip prior to pressing them in an overhead storage.

Best scooter suitcase for child for 10 year old and bigger


Boppi Little Traveler Travel Suitcase Gear


The Boppi Little Adventurer suitcase is lodge baggage expected for little voyagers. It is an amazingly light and exceptionally tough youngsters' suitcase that weighs 1.5 kg. It has a lighter shell than some other satchel. Its shell is additionally exceptionally delicate, sturdy and solid. Its size permits the client to take it to the lodge. What's more, it is reasonable for all movement conditions. This makes it an ideal suitcase for air travel

Your youngster will actually want to have the option to take it anyplace. Then, at that point, this suitcase is outfitted with a customizable handle at twofold stature which works with transport. Consequently, it is reasonable for offspring, everything being equal, and sizes. What's more, this baggage has a limit of 17 liters to store the things and toys of your little one. Its zipped compartment is furnished with versatile lashes to keep its substance set up. 

With such a liberal limit, this stuff has an administrative component of 42 X 30 X 22 cm to be endorsed in the lodge. It is additionally made with a vigorous and adaptable material, ready to endure different blows during movement. Thus that it can adjust to all air terminal conditions, it is outfitted with polyurethane haggles chock.

  • Lightweight and tough shell

  • 17 liters limit

  • Handle customizable to two statures


42 X 30 X 22 cm


1.5 kg


  • Extremely durable kids' suitcase.

  • Casters reasonable for all street conditions

  • Delicate and safe material

  • The limit of the suitcase is deficient for a stay of a few days


FLYTE Zinc 18 '' Scooter Case

Pragmatic and prepared to utilize, the Flyte Zinc Etui scooter case makes certain to please your kid. It is an extremely unique plan to go in an alternate manner with your kids. So sneaking everywhere of the air terminal has never been more enjoyable and agreeable for them. It is intended to be utilized as hand baggage for youthful voyagers. This implies that its client can taxi when he gets off the plane. Indeed, it is a two-in-one suitcase outfitted with a collapsing scooter. 

With an element of 26 x 33 x 48 cm, it is the size of lodge stuff. Which makes its utilization significantly more advantageous. It likewise has a limit of 21 liters, ideal for putting away your youngster's little things. In this way, her space is all that could possibly be needed to oblige her garments, shoes and toys. Furthermore, it is a strong and incredibly adaptable gear planned with manufactured material and aluminum. It is impervious to shocks and different effects that can happen during movement. Moreover, to keep its substance set up, its inside pocket is furnished with lashes.

2 of every 1 suitcase outfitted with a scooter


Inside pocket with ties


26 x 33 x 48 cm


3 kilograms


A unique plan

  • Plentifully adequate compartment

  • A vigorous and adaptable stuff

  • The collapsing framework requires a little power


Gone voyaging Kid Gear, (Blue) - RY982

Gone Voyaging is a brand that offers a wide decision of gear, materials and travel things. Here, she offers you a wheeled scooter suitcase for kids. With its 55 x 35 x 28 cm aspect, this plan offers an unmatched encounter for your youngster. It is a piece of hardware that consolidates both a scooter and a suitcase in a solitary plan. It is very much motivated to satisfy little explorers. Useful, fun and proficient, this gear permits your little one to complete two things simultaneously, without getting drained. 

For sure, he can drive in the air terminal with his suitcase by squeezing just the handle. At the point when it is done, it is to the point of collapsing it to acquire a piece of gear however conventional as it seems to be light, weighing 18.1 grams. In addition, this expandable hard shell suitcase is great for excursion or setting up camp, particularly with a most extreme volume of 33 liters. With regards to security, the kind of lock utilized is the butterfly fasten. Along these lines, its substance are secure and the youngster will actually want to get to it without any problem.

Youngsters' scooter suitcase

Hard case

The inside is fixed with the situation


55 x 35 x 28 cm


18.1 grams


  • Solid and strong suitcase

  • Simple and helpful to utilize

  • Optimal suitcase for various outings


  • The suitcase isn't light enough for a kid


BATMAN M14658 One Size Scooter Case

Would you like to purchase a scooter suitcase for your kid? Realize that the BATMAN M14658 is presumably the item for you. Planned particularly for youthful voyagers, this plan will make their life more straightforward by giving them more advantageous, less difficult and simpler use. It is a 3 out of 1 streetcar with an element of 55 x 35 x 30 cm and a load of around 3.3 kg. It is a model utilized as lodge stuff and ideal for movement, setting up camp or excursions. Your youngster will experience no difficulty moving it. 

Know, notwithstanding, that the age suggested by the producer is 3 years and over. Likewise, the principle material utilized for its production is steel. The item is consequently exceptionally strong, ready to endure a most extreme heap of 20 kilograms. Likewise the scooter can be collapsed up and locked without any problem. So even your kid will actually want to do it with next to no requirements. Also, to utilize this scooter case considerably more straightforward, its handlebars are customizable in tallness and it is fitted with a conveying handle.

3 of every 1 streetcar

Collapsing scooter

Stature customizable handlebars


55 x 35 x 30 cm


3.3 kg


  • Simple to convey
  • Utilize adjusted to all conditions

  • Hard and safe suitcase


  • Its wheels are not sufficient


Bug Man M004064 Scooter Suitcase Red

So you can go in harmony with your youngster, give him this red Insect Man M004064 Scootin suitcase. It is a model that is both unique and reasonable expected for little explorers matured 3 and over. In this manner, he can without much of a stretch convey his gear. In scooter mode or in gear mode, this item will please youngsters with its red tone and its Insect Man design. 3 of every 1 scooter, this hardware can be utilized as a vehicle case, wheeled suitcase or lodge stuff. When collapsed, its aspect is 30 x 35 x 55 cm. 

Which makes it reasonable for youngsters. Prepared to ride, this scooter case weighs 3.76 kg. It is subsequently extremely light and its utilization won't represent any issue for your youngster. In scooter mode, the handlebars are customizable in range from 73-82 cm. Thus, contingent upon the size of the client, the last option can send it easily. Likewise, this plan doesn't need a specific gathering. It is as of now prepared to drive and fitted with 120mm PVC haggles 5 headings.


  • 3 of every 1 scooter

  • Stature flexible handlebars

  • PVC casters


30 x 35 x 55 cm


3.76 Kg

  • Simple to utilize scooter case

  • She's good to go

  • Unique and useful plan

  • Collapsing requires the mediation of a grown-up


vidaXL Red Child's Scooter with Suitcase in Front

This VidaXL scooter suitcase will be wonderful to urge your youngsters to convey their own baggage on your next trips. This is a quality streetcar case with foldable scooter in red tone. It is fun while making the joy of little wayfarers. Thus, she will make an ideal present for your kid. Ideal for upgrading his equilibrium, assurance and strength, this gear permits him to stay stable. Its wheels are made of PVC with metal rollers offering unmatched soundness and ideal control. 

Furthermore its back brake is handily controlled. Then, at that point, concerning his sack, it is made with a mix of polyester and polystyrene. The scooter is additionally furnished with a metal handle and handlebars, with a very tough deck. Furthermore, its enormous streetcar case can endure a heap of up to 50 kg. At long last when the scooter is collapsed, the item estimates 32 x 28 x 54 cm and gauges 13 kg.


  • Metal handlebars

  • PVC haggles heading

  • Sack made with a mix of polyester and polystyrene


32 x 28 x 54 cm in collapsing and 32 x 56 x 81 cm in unfurling

13 kilograms

  • The scooter is steady

  • Fun Streetcar Suitcase

  • The suitcase has a huge limit

  • The scooter is less useful


Peppa Pig M14265 Hurrying Suitcase, One Size

At the point when a kid needs to travel, convey a couple of things or go setting up camp, guardians regularly struggle picking the ideal sack. To stop this issue, here is the Peppa Pig M14265 Hurrying Suitcase model. This is a little scooter suitcase that will permit your youngster to store and convey their little private gear. This 3 of every 1 scooter with conveying case joins a suitcase with moderately adequate limit with regards to a youthful voyager. 

With an all out component of 55 x 30 x 35 cm, it is ideal as lodge stuff assuming that your kid needs to go via plane. In any case, it is additionally ideally suited for short stays or outings of a couple of days. Functional and light, this current kids' scooter case weighs 3.28 kg. It is planned for youngsters more than 3 years of age. Furthermore, the scooter folds up and secures set up effectively to make its utilization reasonable for all conditions. Additionally, the tallness of the handlebars is flexible and the case is furnished with a conveying handle.


  • 3 out of 1 scooter with conveying handle and case included

  • Tallness customizable handlebars

  • 120mm PVC wheels


55 x 30 x 35 cm


3.28 Kg


  • Unmatched client experience for youngsters

  • Strong gear

  • Simple to utilize

  • The limit of the suitcase is insignificant


Disney Princess M14377-01 Suitcase Scootin Purple

Your kid can have their own gear with the Scootin M14377 Disney Princess suitcase. With the Disney princesses imprinted on this item, he will be enormously satisfied. This model is one of the scooter cases with which the kid can play and store his own things simultaneously. Be that as it may, it can likewise be mounted on it to roll and work with the vehicle of its gear. 

This 3 of every 1 scooter is furnished with a conveying case and a wheeled pack, addressing a piece of gear that is both fun and commonsense. Then, at that point, with its aspect of 55 x 35 x 30 cm when collapsed, as per the aircraft, it is ideal as lodge gear for kids. It has a stature movable handlebar, 120mm PVC haggles 5 headings. So it is not difficult to move and ride. Fun and useful, this scooter gear offers an unmatched client experience for your kid. It is now prepared to drive and no further get together is fundamental.


  • 3 out of 1 scooter

  • Flexible handlebar stature

  • PVC haggles 5 headings


30 x 35 x 55 cm


3.7 Kg


  • Fun and reasonable scooter baggage

  • Prepared to-utilize scooter suitcase

  • Simple to move

  • Its handle is hard to lock

How to pick a scooter suitcase?

The utilization of the scooter case is increasingly far and wide, on the grounds that it is useful and proficient. Because of its great standing, countless scooter cases are sold in the market making your journey increasingly troublesome. To work with your pursuit, we encourage you to consider the accompanying variables: the material of production, the qualities of the scooter, the size and the gentility of the scooter case.
Follow our manual for a scooter suitcase to observe your movement partner!

The assembling material

When purchasing a scooter case, the material of production is an unequivocal measure, since it impacts the life span of your scooter case. Prior to hurrying into a value correlation, ensure that the texture of the scooter case is entirely safe and waterproof. Alternately, your things won't be shielded from the components. What's more, select a safe material, at the danger of tearing it. Among the most well known materials are ABS and polypropylene.

The qualities of the scooter

Notwithstanding the materials of assembling of the scooter case, it is likewise important to be more keen on the scooter. For this reason, it is important to select a safe and vigorous model. Additionally, ensure that the scooter being referred to upholds your weight impeccably. To do this, you should find out with regards to the most extreme burden upheld by the scooter. As to plan of the scooter, we encourage you to incline toward aluminum models, since they enjoy the benefit of being vigorous and sturdy. At long last, remember to actually take a look at the presence of the slowing mechanism on the scooter.


In the wake of considering the materials of development of the case and the quality of the scooter, this is the ideal opportunity to consider the size of the scooter case. It is vital to take note of that the size of the scooter suitcase will generally rely upon the length of your visit. The more drawn out your visit, the more you will require an enormous suitcase. Consequently, for the size of the scooter case, we encourage you to pick a model with a base size of 25 liters. With this stockpiling limit, you have adequate space to put your PC, administrative work and some garments.


The principal resource of a scooter case concerns its extraordinary reasonableness. Thus, to oblige this rule, it would be more brilliant to decide on a light scooter case. For this reason, pick a model with a light control weight. Because of the daintiness of your scooter case, you can undoubtedly deal with it and you will try not to pay the aircraft overcharge.

How to utilize a scooter case?

Have you at any point hurry to get your contribute while conveying your suitcase your hand? Luckily, the scooter case has shown up. With a scooter suitcase as the main piece of gear, you won't ever be late for any arrangement again. Furthermore, on account of a scooter case, you can be certain never to miss your train again.
The new extra for adventurers, the scooter suitcase is likewise a gigantic hit with finance managers. Pragmatic and practical, the scooter case could turn into your movement accomplice, if you use it admirably.

Coordinate your business well

Since the scooter case is little, it is prudent to take just the absolute minimum. Other than your PC, your documents, you can take some garments. To extricate the air when you press your garments, we suggest that you utilize a pressure sack. This tip is fundamental for save more space in your scooter suitcase.

Secure your assets

As you will go with your scooter suitcase, your assets should be all around secured to keep away from breakages. What's more, to keep your assets from moving every which way during the excursion, it is emphatically prescribed to change the clasp of your scooter case. Typically, all scooter cases have holding lashes, which play the part of securing belongings.

Keep up with your scooter suitcase

For your scooter suitcase to follow you for a long time, it should be kept up with. To this end, you are emphatically exhorted not to sit on your scooter case, at the danger of harming your case and breaking the wheels of your scooter. Furthermore, you should likewise clean it consistently. Concerning cleaning technique, it contrasts relying upon the material of assembling of the scooter case. For cowhide suitcases, a wipe down with a cloth and face cosmetics remover will get the job done.

FAQ on a scooter case

What is a scooter suitcase?

As its name recommends, the scooter suitcase is a two-in-one item: a suitcase and a scooter. Worn out on going around with your suitcase close by to get the train? The baggage makers have made an upheaval in the field of movement by creating a scooter case. An imaginative item, the scooter case permits you to easily ship your effects and get around effectively and rapidly. The scooter is completely foldable and incorporated into the rear of your suitcase. The scooter case for the most part has three wheels: two front haggles back tire.

Why pick a scooter suitcase?

The scooter suitcase is awesome assuming you will more often than not travel regularly and can't be packed for trips between significant urban communities and air terminals. This baggage is great for you assuming you take almost no business in a hurry. Likewise, paying little mind to your movement propensities, the scooter case will alleviate your back of weighty burdens, which might cause wounds and torment. Moreover, the scooter case will likewise permit you to move rapidly in air terminals and on the docks. In the event that you are searching for a commonsense, useful suitcase and a quick method for transport, the scooter suitcase is made particularly for you!

What are the upsides of a scooter case?

The principal resource of a scooter suitcase concerns its reasonableness. As well as being a suitcase, the scooter suitcase is additionally a practical method for transportation. Be that as it may, notwithstanding this identity, the scooter case likewise enjoys the benefit of being light. In addition, this point makes it the ideal suitcase for air travel. Additionally, the simplicity of capacity of the scooter case is likewise a significant resource. At the point when vacant, the scooter case folds up effectively and rapidly stows away in a storeroom. Notwithstanding this multitude of focuses, we should likewise feature the unmatched plan of the scooter case.

What is the most well known brand of scooter case?

Available, a huge number of scooter cases exist. Confronted with this variety, the best is to pick a dependable brand scooter case. Among the many brands available, Samsonite is, unmistakably, the most solid and prescribed brand with regards to scooter cases. With 100 years of involvement, Samsonite offers explorers safe and tough suitcases. Purchasing a Samsonite scooter case is the assurance of having a scooter case with excellent and sturdy quality.

What are the drawbacks of a scooter case?

Obviously, the scooter case is a creative, functional and light item. However, tragically, this movement gear likewise conceals a few disadvantages. The principle restriction of the scooter case concerns its little size. To be sure, the most extreme size of a scooter case seldom surpasses 35 liters. Subsequently, this movement extra is utilized during independent venture trips, two-day escapes, and so on

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