Best Bluestar Suitcase : Reviews and Comparison (Top 3)

                      bluestar lightweight hard shell suitcase

Regardless of whether it's for a brief time frame trip or a long family stay, the suitcase stays the fundamental frill for effectively shipping your assets. Given the immense decision available, the decision is very troublesome. Particularly since the suitcases come in a few models and brands. To try not to fall on low quality suitcases that don't address your issues, it is ideal to pick solid brands.

Bluestar is one of the most famous suitcase brands. It offers a wide scope of models to meet the particular necessities of the most requesting voyagers. The suitcases of the Bluestar brand are accessible in a few sizes and tones. Assuming you wish to procure a Bluestar suitcase, it is vital to learn about the specialized attributes of each model. In this article, find all that you want to be familiar with the Bluestar brand and the various models of luggage it offers.

Examination of the best Bluestar Suitcases

BLUE STAR Suitcase Bilbao Hand Luggage, 52 cm



Whenever you need to move, picking a little suitcase that is both pragmatic and exquisite is more reasonable than a less helpful satchel. How treat consider the Bilbao Cabin Baggage suitcase from Bleu Star? Made with quality material, this compartment can go with you during your different excursions. It will actually want to address your issues in the easiest, yet powerful way. In the first place, with its 52 x 20 x 32 cm in size and 37 liters of limit, this lodge suitcase is exceptionally extensive. It is likewise ultra safe with an unbending shell. So it can oblige all your most significant things while you're in a hurry. Then, at that point, to work with its utilization, this luggage is furnished with an adjustable handle with press button. You can, thusly, pull and push it as you wish. Also, it is furnished with 4 multidirectional haggles handles on the top and the side. This improves your development. This is a strong piece of luggage, ideal for occasions, ends of the week or excursions for work.


  • Adjustable handle and press button
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • Blend lock


blue star


52 x 20 x 32cm


2 kilograms


  • Super strong covering
  • Huge compartment limit
  • Simple to move suitcase


  • Its 4 single wheels limit its toughness

BLUE STAR Suitcase Lima Luggage, Set of 3, 70 cm,


The arrangement of 3 Lima Bagage suitcases by Bleu Star has every one of the attributes and characteristics important to go out traveling with complete genuine serenity. This item is made out of an enormous suitcase, a medium suitcase and a lodge suitcase. So in the event that you want to travel consistently, this is it. 

Consequently, you will have available to you 3 suitcases of various sizes. Yet, you can likewise utilize them together in the event that you need to disappear for a really long time. Every luggage is outfitted with 4 turn wheels, an adaptive handle and a press button. It likewise has retractable handles as an afterthought and top. What makes this arrangement of 3 suitcases extremely reasonable and ultra practical. The lodge suitcase estimates 49X20X31 cm and weighs 2.7 kg. 

Concerning the medium suitcase, it has an element of 60X26X38 cm with a load of 3.1 kg. Furthermore the large suitcase orchestrates a component of 70X28X46 cm with just 3.8 kg of substantialness. This permits you to have an optimal luggage for your different outings. On the security side, the producer has furnished each piece of hardware with a code lock and a zipper.


  • Set of 3 suitcases
  • 4 turn castors for every suitcase
  • Adjustable handle


blue star






Every suitcase is exceptionally valuable and useful

A bunch of 3 light and safe suitcases

Ideal inside design


Enormous suitcase is weighty when full

Blue Star Luggage Madrid, 70 cm, 91 L



Do you travel constantly and you don't know which suitcase to decide to make your outing more straightforward? Why not pick the arrangement of 3 Madrid Luggage suitcases from Bleu Star? This set comprises of a lodge size streetcar suitcase, a medium suitcase and a huge suitcase. The 3 models have practically similar qualities, yet with various limits, sizes and employments. The lodge suitcase weighs 2.7 kg and measures 50X22X36 cm with 40 liters of limit. The medium organization weighs around 3.1kg with 60X25X41 cm in size and 61 liters in limit. 

Also the 3.8 kg enormous suitcase organizes a component of 70X28X46 cm and a most extreme limit of 91 liters. Every one of them is furnished with a level adjustable handle and a press button. Their wheels hush up with quality support. What's more, this arrangement of three suitcases has a decent inside format with holding ties. Also for ideal security, they are fitted with a mix lock with slider impeding.


  • Set of 3 streetcar cases
  • Streetcar framework with 4 turn castors
  • Adaptive steel handle


blue star






  • A bunch of 3 viable suitcases
  • Enormous limit
  • Ideal security


  • The support of the wheels is unacceptable

Regarding the Bluestar brand

Regardless of whether it's a straightforward family trip or a work excursion, having a quality suitcase that joins opposition and common sense is significant. Your luggage should be not difficult to convey and permit you simple admittance to your possessions. While purchasing a suitcase, it is fitting to really take a look at the brand of the thing. It is smarter to settle on a dependable and notable brand in the field of luggage things. Bluestar is one of the freshest brands in suitcase plan. In such a brief time frame, she had the option to lure numerous clients through quality suitcases, very much worked and that meet the genuine requirements of voyagers.

Brand history

Everything began in 2014 when 3 youthful wayfarers had the possibility of ​​creating suitcases that could address their issues. During their many voyages, they might have perceived the significance of a luggage that is both down to earth and tasteful. This is the means by which they chose to make the Bluestar brand. This is a French organization situated in the city of Paris gaining practical experience in the plan and promoting of luggage things, including suitcases. Since the formation of the brand, the Bluestar groups have kept on planning suitcases that are still similarly as reasonable and useful for a wide range of movement.

Brand responsibilities

To work with the vehicle of our luggage, the Bluestar brand is focused on planning suitcases that meet the genuine requirements of explorers. Through the various models of luggage offered, it had the option to carry extraordinary advancement to luggage things. Mindful of the trouble looked by numerous explorers during their movements, the brand really bends over backward to give useful and simple to-utilize suitcases. The brand has had the option to lure numerous globe-trotters through its suitcases which include an immortal style and fastidious subtleties. The objective is to make conveying luggage more straightforward and less irritating.

The various sorts of Bluestar suitcase

Going out traveling without conveying a suitcase is conceivable. For the excursion to happen in the best circumstances, it is essential to observe a suitcase adjusted to your necessities. For a short stay, Bluestar offers lodge suitcases with a restricted limit. Medium-sized suitcases and enormous luggage are hold suitcases planned for extended stays. Furthermore to all the more likely sort out your effects during a family stay, Bluestar gives you suitcase sets. In this pack you will find 3 suitcases of various sizes with a vanity.

Brief outline of the brand's leader models

Each kind of excursion has its own sorts of luggage. Work excursion, family trip, concentrate on trip or other, it is fundamental to furnish yourself with a useful suitcase. To meet the particular necessities of every voyager, Bluestar has planned numerous suitcase models. The decision is exceptionally wide: delicate or unbending luggage, in groups or exhaustively as indicated by the ideal size. Here are a few instances of models presented by the brand:

Suitcase Bluestar Madrid;

Suitcase BluestarBrazilla;

Bluestar Ottawa Suitcase;

Suitcase Bluestar Bilbao;

Suitcase Bluestar Lima;

Suitcase Bluestar London;

Suitcase BluestarOpéra…

Bluestar Suitcase FAQs

Why pick Bluestar suitcases?

Numerous voyagers have picked the Bluestar brand for the nature of its suitcases that meet quality, ergonomic and security norms. Most importantly, the perfect plan of the Bluestar suitcases has prevailed upon countless clients. They include a plan that is both vigorous and exquisite, ideal for a wide range of movement. They are intended to go with explorers searching for a useful and sturdy suitcase. Its inside and compartments are upgraded to oblige all that you will require during the outing. To this is added its prevalent quality assembling materials, its tip conclusion framework, its 4 multidirectional wheels...

Which Bluestar suitcase to pick?

Of all shapes and shadings, the decision of suitcase is the notable experience of any explorer. Bluestar suitcases are accessible in a few models. Your decision should be made by the span of the excursion and the quantity of clients. Assuming that you are traveling solo, a little lodge suitcase might do the trick for a stay of under seven days. Then again, to go on a family get-away, you really want numerous suitcases of various sizes. For this situation, it is fitting to pick the Bluestar suitcase set which incorporates: a vanity, a little lodge suitcase, another medium size and an enormous limit suitcase.

How to keep up with your Bluestar suitcases?

Buying a suitcase is a critical venture. After a short or long outing, it merits cautious upkeep. Cleaning a Bluestar suitcase made of ABS plastic is moderately basic. Just wash its cover with a wipe absorbed tepid water with a couple of drops of gentle cleaning item. From that point onward, flush it with a wipe absorbed clean water and allowed it to dry. Remember to clean within the pack too. A little vacuum cleaner might be to the point of eliminating dust and other trash that become installed in the compartments of the suitcase.

Where to track down a Bluestar suitcase at the best cost?

To purchase a Bluestar suitcase, it is fitting to go straightforwardly to retailers endorsed by the brand. Be that as it may, Bluestar might not have wholesalers in your city. For this situation, the most secure and quickest way is to purchase on the web. To do this, you can associate with online deals stages or even interface with the brand's true site. You will observe all the Bluestar suitcase models and assortments there. Furthermore, by making your buy on the web, you can profit from a home conveyance administration.

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