Best Zifel Luggage : comparison and review in 2022


Best Zifel luggage camparison and review

Regardless of whether for an outing of unwinding, investigation or business, the suitcaseis the first and principle adornment that will go with you in a hurry. Offering the chance of taking with you all that you really want during your visits, it ends up being a fundamental piece of hardware. Adaptable or inflexible, it is reasonable for conveying your garments as well as different extras that will be valuable to you all through your excursion. Individuals who travel frequently realize very well that it is fundamental for give extraordinary consideration to the decision of the suitcase. At the point when you need to purchase a suitcase, you ought not restrict yourself to its style, you need to consider different choice models. With the goal that you can be edified on the central matters to consider, we have chosen the best luggage of the Zifel brand. Along these lines, utilizing this aide,


Correlation of the best Zifel luggage

ZIFEL Set of 3 suitcases Tropical



The arrangement of 3 Tropical suitcases from the Zifel brand is a bunch of 70 and 60 cm hold suitcases as well as a 50 cm lodge suitcase. They all have a tropical style that fills in as an adornment. With a polycarbonate shell, they are totally impervious to shocks and moistness. Ideal for a family or solo excursion, this set is appropriate for moving long or short stays. For simple vehicle, these suitcases are furnished with tallness customizable twofold cylinder Trolley framework handles and 4 twofold multidirectional wheels. To convey it manually, the French brand Zifel has furnished these suitcases with conveying handles on the top and as an afterthought. For added security, they close with a zipper with a 3-digit mix lock.


  • Set of 3 hard shell suitcases: lodge, halfway and long excursion
  • Furnished with 4 twofold multidirectional transport wheels
  • Zipper conclusion got with a mix lock






42/54/100 liters


  • Secure use because of the mix lock
  • Unbending model impervious to shocks and stickiness
  • Has 2 cross and flexible ties to hold garments perfectly


  • A few clients question the strength of transport wheels

ZIFEL Set of 2 suitcases Gardanne



To go with you during every one of your movements, the French brand Zifel offers you the arrangement of 2 suitcases from the assortment. This set is comprised of a huge 70 cm suitcase and a 50 cm lodge size suitcase. Consequently, this set is great for long-stay trips as well as momentary excursions. With a separate volume of 100 and 42 liters, these suitcases permit you to ship the assets of a family or a solitary individual impeccably. Furthermore, to keep up with them cautiously, they have versatile ties. The twofold slider zipper they have doesn't gamble with opening coincidentally since it is hindered by a mix lock.


  • Set of 2 suitcases with an ABS shell
  • Suitcases with retractable handles
  • 4 turning casters for 360 degree mobility


100/42 liters


burgundy, silver and dark


50 x 38 x 22cm/70 x 48 x 30cm


  • Inserts 2 versatile lashes for the great upkeep of the garments even in the event of shocks
  • 3-digit mix lock conclusion for safeguarded use
  • Inflexible model, this suitcase has incredible strength


  • The solidness of the conclusion framework is dreaded by certain shoppers

ZIFEL Suitcase 50 cm Khaki



Assuming you are searching for a lodge suitcase that can stay with you during your little excursions, this Zifel brand suitcase will meet your necessities. Made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS, it appreciates extraordinary heartiness and strength which offers it the chance of opposing shocks and moistness. 50 cm high, it can contain the things you really want during your outing. For simple vehicle, this model is outfitted with a retractable press button adaptive handle that you can pull as you wish. This is upheld by 4 turn wheels making it simple to move and move this suitcase. It has fortifications at the base to ensure the strength of this suitcase when you put it down.


  • Lodge suitcase with hard shell
  • This suitcase has 4 pivoting wheels for simple guiding
  • Highlights a press button extending handle


acrylonitrile butadiene styrene




khaki green, silver and dark


  • Furnished with fortifications at the base for incredible strength
  • With an inflexible shell, this suitcase is exceptionally impervious to shocks
  • Simple to move on account of its multi-directional wheels


  • A few clients report that they would have liked to have marginally more grounded wheels

 About the Zifel brand

For a considerable length of time, the French organization Zifel has been devoted to the promoting of gear and different frill at low costs. It is most popular for its unique suitcases on account of their own plan and has a wide scope of suitcases that will fulfill individuals who are frequently moving, regardless of whether for individual or expert reasons. The shapes, examples and shades of his series are extremely changed and exceptionally well known with explorers. Models that will fill various types of profiles going from understudies who will proceed with their examinations abroad to wayfarers.

History of the Zifel brand

The Zifel organization is a French firm which has been for over 20 years in the locale of bringing in wholesalers in Aubervilliers. On a surface of more than 500 m² situated at 55-59, mourn du port, 93300 Aubervilliers, in France, the brand has introduced its display area as well as its managerial workplaces. As one of the innovators in the offer of long-lasting gear items at low costs, the firm additionally has an entire scope of shopping sacks, ocean side packs, umbrellas, market buggies and different gift and trinket things. You additionally have the choice of altering an item on request. At the point when it opened, the brand had a capital of 100,000 euros. This improved on business entity with a solitary accomplice was at its top in the years 2014. During this period,

Zifel and its distribution center

Having for objective, since its creation, the fulfillment of its clients, the French brand Zifel needs to guarantee that its client base will have forever accessible gear items. To do this, the brand has a 6,000 m² distribution center. Ready to oblige many models of suitcases and extras, the foundation is 12 meters high and has 5 stories of racks. This station has been uncommonly worked to ensure consistent supplies and to permit customers to appreciate quick conveyances. Moreover, the administration of these stocks is guaranteed by PC gear which has been exceptionally evolved by experts for effective and more proficient operations.

Zifel, suitcases, everything being equal,

To address the issues of every customers, the Zifel brand offers a wide scope of suitcases in all sizes. For long haul travel, it gives explorers inflexible or adaptable enormous volume suitcases of around 90 liters. A limit sufficiently adequate to permit you to store all your garments and belongings. For outings of medium term, this French brand offers transitional suitcases 60 centimeters high that can contain a reasonable volume of garments and different embellishments. For excursions of a couple of days or an end of the week, it offers minimal expense lodge suitcases. They may, every once in a while, be joined by a vanity case. This brand likewise sells transport packs with adjustable handles and transport wheels.

Zifel Suitcase FAQ

Where to purchase a Zifel suitcase at the best cost?

In the "Our items" segment on the authority site of the Zifel brand, you will observe every one of the models planned and grew extraordinarily by the brand. It likewise has a cooled display area of more than 800 m² in which you will track down all of the organization's baggage assortments. In organization with shipper destinations, you likewise have the chance of gaining a suitcase from the Zifel brand on different stages like Fnac, Amazon or Carrefour. It is additionally conceivable to purchase Zifel brand suitcases on the networks that spend significant time in the offer of marked gear.

Do Zifel inflexible suitcases have TSA locks ready?

To ensure the security of your own things, the Zifel brand had the splendid thought of ​​equipping a few models of its amazing suitcases with code locks. With this innovation that hinders the terminations, nobody can undoubtedly open your suitcase and effectively access everything inside it. So you can go with genuine serenity and inner harmony. There are series of suitcases that the brand has outfitted with TSA locks, locking frameworks held particularly for individuals who will venture to every part of the United States. With this innovation, the American vehicle authority or Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has an exceptional key that permits the suitcase to be opened without the presence of its proprietor.

What is a Zifel market buggy?

A Zifel market carriage is gear that offers the chance of defeating the issues related with conveying a pack while shopping in stores or in grocery stores. This adornment is particularly of extraordinary assistance for the older, individuals with decreased portability or the people who have balance issues. With the market buggy, additionally called shopping basket, they can stroll all over the steps in harmony.

How might I join the Zifel brand?

Assuming you really want extra data on any model of the Zifel brand, you can get in touch with her by telephone. The numbers on which you could arrive at a colleague or a counsel stay accessible on the brand's true site. Furthermore, they are effectively recognizable since you can track down them when you explore in the home of the web. Assuming that you are somewhat modest and favor correspondences by email, you can go to the "Reach us" segment available whenever on the stage. In the wake of finishing the necessary data on the contact structure, a specialist will be glad to respond to you as quickly as time permits.

How would I keep up with my Zifel suitcase?

Assuming you're in a hurry constantly, all things considered, your Zifel suitcase will get messy, in any event, when put away in a wardrobe, it could get dust. For models made of inflexible plastics ABS, polycarbonate… you are completely prohibited to utilize sharp devices to abstain from scratching your suitcase and prompting untimely wear. The ideal is to utilize a delicate, somewhat clammy fabric or a wipe. Delicate models are regularly made of totally launderable textures. You can, in this manner, clean them the hard way. Be that as it may, all together not to harm your hardware, sensitive support should be done.

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