Backpacks with Lots of Pockets (multi pocket backpack brands)

Backpacks with Lots of Pockets

With regards to your every day backpack, association is significant. For this reason we did the exploration to bring you 11 of our cherished backpacks with lots of pockets and compartments for regular use.

While many backpacks with lots of compartments are held for movement or specialty exercises, we chose to zero in on every day driver packs that you can use for work, school and driving.

Nobody like burrowing through chaotic pockets, so we just rundown backpacks that have a unique skill for keeping your stuff quite coordinated. From gigantic coordinator boards to exceptional tech pockets, these backpacks are exactly what you really want.

 Backpacks with Lots of Pockets (Review and buying guide)

OGIO Renegade RSS - backpacks with lots of pockets

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The OGIO Renegade RSS is our top decision because of its crazy measure of pockets and compartments, great development and exceptional RSS PC sleeve.

The "RSS" in the OGIO Renegade RSS represents Reactive Suspension System. This exceptional pocket safeguards your costly PC from unforgiving knocks and drops and is the core of what makes the Renegade RSS the best OGIO backpack.

With the RSS Renegade, OGIO places an accentuation on including a pocket for pretty much everything. Here is only an example of the pockets that the OGIO Renegade RSS backpack incorporates:

  • Cushioned mouse/advanced camera pocket
  • Pulverize verification Tech Vault pocket
  • iPad/tablet pocket
  • Side water bottle pockets
  • Side utility pockets
  • Association board on the front

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 29.5 liters
  • Aspects: 19.5" x 14" x 10.5"
  • RSS PC sleeve fits up to 15"
  • Accessible in various shadings

The Ridge Commuter PC backpack with lots of pockets and compartments

With the Commuter, The Ridge offers a flexible answer for any individual who needs a PC backpack with lots of pockets and compartments for day by day use. Alongside inventive highlights, for example, an incorporated USB telephone charging port and shock-safe PC compartment, the Commuter gloats north of twelve pockets and compartments. The whole within the primary compartment is stacked with more modest zippered and reserve pockets for getting sorted out your tech and day by day basics. Try not to let the moderate outside fool you - The Ridge Commuter is loaded with compartments to sort out you gear!

Highlights initially:

  • Additionally accessible in a lightweight Ripstop rendition
  • Made with a waterproof nylon shell and YKK Aquaguard zippers to keep your stuff dry
  • 15" shock-safe PC compartment
  • Versatile charging backpack - outside USB port with inner power bank pocket

eBags Professional Slim - backpack with lots of pockets and compartments

The top of the line eBags Professional Slim is for anybody searching for a backpack with lots of pockets and a larger number of coordinators than you know how to manage.

The principle selling point is the Professional Slim's enormous full-board coordinator that opens up like a book cover. Inside this compartment you have right around twelve cross section pockets, slip pockets and pen holders.

The remainder of the backpack is similarly as genuine with pockets and compartments. You'll find separate PC and tablet compartments, a pulverize resistant base pocket in addition to a secret water bottle pocket on the sack to assist with keeping the eBags Professional Slim looking smooth to the point of conveying to the workplace.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 21.6L
  • Aspects: 18" x 12.75" x 8.5"
  • Cushioned PC sleeve fits up to 17"
  • Various tones accessible
  • Accessible in the more modest eBags Professional Slim Jr form.

Targus Newport backpack - little backpack with lots of pockets

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The Targus Newport is a ladies' backpack made for those searching for a little backpack with lots of pockets and coordinators. This backpack includes a huge load of compartments for everything from individual things to a PC and tech extras while as yet keeping a thin and smooth profile.

The Newport's utilitarian yet sleek plan makes this pack one of the our beloved ladies' work backpacks but on the other hand it's incredible for easygoing carry on the ends of the week. The front compartments are stacked with zip pockets and coordinators while the rear of the pack includes a spacious principle compartment and separate PC compartment. All that stays discrete and coordinated making snatching what you want a straightforward assignment.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 15L
  • Aspects: 11.13" x 18.00" x 5.25"
  • Separate cushioned PC compartment up to 15"
  • Accessible in different shadings
  • Nomatic

North Face Recon - backpack with lots of capacity

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With regards to backpacks with lots of capacity, the North Face Recon works effectively at giving genuine every day convey association. The Recon is outfitted with an open 30 liter fundamental compartment and separate PC compartment to keep things parceled. Concerning pockets, you'll observe two side stretch pockets and a little downy lined pocket for things like a telephone or other little hardware. The most up to date Recon configuration likewise incorporates a huge front administrator compartment loaded up with pockets and coordinators for your every day fundamentals.

For a backpack with lots of pockets, the North Face Recon actually feels exceptionally basic. The backpack has sufficient association to keep your stuff overall quite flawless yet it doesn't feel overpowering. It's this ideal harmony between utility and straightforwardness that separates the Recon from different backpacks in its group.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 30L
  • Aspects: 21" x 15" x 9" (See our North Face Recon versus Borealis survey for more information on the estimations)
  • Cushioned PC compartment up to 15"
  • The North Face Recon is likewise accessible in a ladies' fit

Patagonia Paxat - backpack with lots of pockets


Patagonia is known for their extraordinary quality backpacks and the 32 liter Paxat is no exemption. The Paxat keeps every day association up front on account of its natural plan and pocket situation.

The Paxat's front coordinator board gives a lot of capacity to little things like charging links, tech embellishments and that's just the beginning. Inside the principle compartment you'll likewise observe an extra zip pocket and a tablet sleeve. One component that we love is the front reserve pocket that permits you to immediately take care of things without opening a zipper.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 32L
  • Aspects: 20" x 12" x 9"
  • Water Resistant
  • The Patagonia Paxat is additionally accessible in a ladies' fit

Incase Icon PC backpack with lots of pockets

Tech addicts need a backpack with lots of pockets and compartments for their every day convey. Lines, chargers and extras don't occupy a lot of space yet they can be a bad dream to filter through in enormous open pockets. This is the place where the Incase Icon backpack comes to make all the difference.

The Incase Icon PC backpack is just 17 liters however gives an adequate number of pockets and compartments to securely store and sort out all of your tech in addition to in any case have sufficient space for every day basics. The Icon is included 3 compartments; the PC compartment, primary compartment and front coordinator board for securely putting away little things. Include committed telephone and tablet pockets and you have the ideal every day tech backpack.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 17L
  • Aspects: 19" x 13" x 9"
  • Separate cushioned PC compartment fits 15.6" thin workstations

Mission Workshop Rhake - backpacks with lots of pockets

The Rhake by Mission Workshop is a flexible backpack with sufficient capacity for day by day drives, light travel and, surprisingly, outside undertakings. Assuming you are searching for a great backpack with lots of pockets that is totally solid many years and in addition to a couple of seasons then The Rhake is the backpack to claim. With it's 22 liter fundamental compartment, separate PC compartment and plenty of outside coordinators and pockets, the Rhake gives you a lot of ways of getting sorted out and convey your day by day gear.

Probably the best element of The Rhake is it's weatherproof development. Each pack is worked with two-layer weatherproof material that holds dampness back from coming to within for true serenity regardless of how hard it's coming down. With these highlights and more it's no big surprise the Mission Workshop Rhake was likewise one of top our decisions for the best waterproof school backpack.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 22L
  • Aspects: 21" x 13" x 5"
  • 17" Laptop Compartment and separate 10" Tablet Compartment
  • Made in USA and ensured forever 

Limit Supply Errant - little backpack with lots of pockets and compartments


The Boundary Supply Errant is deceivingly insignificant outwardly while having a mind blowing exhibit of pockets and compartments within for greatest association. The Errant elements various stretch pockets, zip compartments and a PC sleeve while likewise giving both of you different zipper passages to get to your stuff inside. The backpack even highlights a wet/dry shoe compartment for those bustling exercise center days and is viable with Boundary Supply's secluded parts so you can add on to the Errant assuming that you really want more stockpiling choices.

Limit Supply is known for utilizing top quality materials and development to make their packs and the Errant is no exemption. The backpack is made from water, stain and residue safe materials that will keep the Errant looking new regardless of how bustling your monotonous routine is. Assuming that you are searching for a little backpack with lots of pockets and compartments for ordinary things then the Boundary Supply Errant merits a more intensive look.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 24L
  • Aspects: L: 20" W: 13" D: 6"
  • Accessible in numerous tones
  • Limit Supply Lifetime guarantee

Everki Atlas enormous backpack with lots of pockets

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The Everki Atlas is an enormous multi-use backpack for work, school and travel. What makes the Everki Atlas exceptional is its flexible PC compartment that permits you to fit the PC sleeve to the size of your PC. This permits the Everki Atlas to store workstations from 13-creeps to 17.3 crawls with an ideal fit.

For those searching for backpacks with lots of capacity, the Everki Atlas has extraordinary convey flexibility on account of its different coordinator boards and pockets for things like magazines, keys, tech adornments and that's only the tip of the iceberg. In a manner the Everki Atlas feels like the Swiss Army blade of backpacks all while as yet looking spotless enough to wear even to proficient settings or work trips.

Highlights initially:

  • Limit: 32L
  • Aspects: 18.9" x 13.4" x 9.1"
  • Customizable compartment fits 13" - 17.3" PCs
  • Travel-accommodating PC compartment and baggage go through


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Bruno Cavelli offers huge highlights at a financial plan cost. For under $50 you can snatch a water safe PC backpack intended for most extreme association on account of north of twelve pockets.

A couple of stand-apart highlights incorporates a cushioned PC compartment, an outside USB charging port and huge loads of more modest pockets for pens, tech frill and scratch pad. Assuming you are searching for a fair sized backpack with lots of pockets then the Bruno Cavelli Laptop Backpack is certainly worth a more intensive look.

  • Accessible in 15" PC and 17" PC adaptations
  • Coordinated USB charging port
  • 3 separate compartments to put together school, travel and work things

More Backpack Brands to Consider

Tried to avoid any of the sacks on our rundown? No concerns!

The following are a couple of a greater amount of our beloved brands that deal backpacks with lots of pockets and compartments for ordinary convey.

Talent Bags backpacks

Talent BAGS

Talent offers creative expandable backpacks that can be utilized for both every day convey and travel. Consider a Knack Pack as a genuine one-sack arrangement that proselytes as you want it.

Assuming you are searching for the motherlode of backpacks with lots of pockets we enthusiastically suggest investigating the Knack Pack Series 2 that includes an extended coordinator compartment. We truly can't suggest the incredible form quality and astute highlights of the Knack Pack enough. In the event that you want assistance picking between Knack models, try to look at our Knack Series 1 versus Series 2 inside and out correlation.

Everlane backpacks


Everlane works in offering present day nuts and bolts and frill without the extravagance sticker price. Their line of backpacks and sacks are extraordinary for anybody searching for spotless and moderate searches for day by day convey and travel.

We suggest investigating the Everlane ReNew Transit backpack since it has some helpful pocket position and is extraordinary for day by day convey or brief excursions. For a more top to bottom look try to look at our Everlane ReNew Transit backpack survey video.

Samsonite backpacks


Samsonite represents considerable authority in baggage, backpacks and sacks for work and travel. For greatest compartments, we suggest the Samsonite Tectonic backpack (Amazon) that is planned with painstakingly positioned pockets for simple access when you are progressing. For a slimmer and less ostentatious backpack profile, the Xenon line is an incredible elective because of its different sizes and travel-accommodating elements. Shop Samsonite on Amazon.

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