6 Best truck tents (Tested Review) in 2022

On the off chance that you love camping, yet could do without the mix of roots, shakes and sticks pushing through your kidneys the entire evening, sit back and relax, you're in good company.

You could winnow it, yet that is by all accounts the case in 2016. Pop-ups that join to the top of your vehicle are cool yet costly and can essentially affect your vehicle's presentation as far as mileage per gallon.

Consider the van tent. You get every one of the advantages of tent camping - versatility, adaptability, the beautiful sound of downpour falling on nylon - and none of the downsides (to be specific, raking the ground for rocks prior to setting up your tent, and figure out how to think about it throughout the evening).

A tent on a truck bed could appear to be uncommon right away, however when you see what our purchaser's aide has arranged for you, we think you'll be persuaded.

So snatch one of the most incredible truck tents from our choice, fill a cooler and tie on your dependable canine sidekick. Experience is standing by.

Best truck tents (buying guide) in 2022

Rightline Gear Truck Tent



Our top pick is the Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent. It stands apart with its floorless plan, one-year maker's warranty (with a US-based help group), and straightforward, shading coded establishment. The equipment sack incorporates sewn-in establishment directions, so make certain to peruse them cautiously prior to taking off.

The water-safe texture highlights taped creases for security against extra-cruel showers, which is generally an or more for camping tents. Moreover, the tent is outfitted with delicate polypropylene lashes and plastic clasps, so your truck's completion will not be harmed by the tent. Inside the safe house you have two stuff pockets, a lamp snare for lighting and an opening for the perspective on the sky. Our #1 element, nonetheless, must be the sparkle in obscurity zipper, which settles on the 12 PM nature's decision much more advantageous;

The gnat is associated with the tent body by three circles and three ropes. However long your fly is appropriately lined up with the tent body, you're all set!

The floorless plan is an intriguing element in this purchasing guide - any remaining safe houses here have a sewn-in floor. This component (or scarcity in that department) isn't ideal for everybody. Certain individuals like to have a touch of texture between their pad and the bed of their truck, which can assist them with keeping their stuff clean.

In any case, the benefit of the floorless plan (and we believe it's a major benefit) is that you don't need to get your stuff off the truck bed to set up the tent. This is a very valuable plan include while attempting to raise your asylum in terrible climate.

The Rightline Gear Truck Tent is accessible in three unique sizes to accommodate your medium, enormous, or conservative truck.


  • Floorless plan
  • Delicate ties and clasps
  • Shading coded posts and shaft pockets
  • Downpour flight included
  • Two inward stockpiling pockets
  • Light hanging snare
  • Sky view ventilation
  • Luminous zipper
  • One year maker warranty


Straight line hardware




7.65 pounds


  • Floorless plan
  • Simple get together
  • Reasonable for a considerable length of time of trucks


  • Least ventilation - ; can get stodgy on hot evenings
  • Floorless plan isn't ideal for everybody

Napier Sportz Truck Tent



The Napier Sportz tent is for trucks with 6.5 foot beds. The size of the tent will be a central consideration for individuals with a drawn out taxi or a smaller truck, yet assuming you have a truck that fits this haven, you'll cherish its highlights.

In the first place, you get a 4ft x 4ft shade overhang that associates with the bed of the truck, which removes any sensation of claustrophobia on blustery or hot days. A bunch of defensive ties forestall scratching the completion and the tent even accompanies an expandable convey sack for capacity. Likewise with our last choice, you get a full floor and over a meter headroom.

A lot of lattice boards give ventilation, and stuff circles decorate the inside for extra capacity choices. In any case, we think the genuine champion is the back access board that allows you to move into the truck taxi if necessary. A full downpour hood and incorporated storm folds on windows and entryways balance this list of capabilities.

Assuming you have a major family or need much more space, you should consider the Sportz Link Attachment - a story frill that capacities as an eating region or dozing region for extra campers.

For different results of comparative quality, look at our determination of the best housetop tents accessible today.


  • Admittance to the toward the back lodge
  • 4' x 4 Shade Canopy
  • Full sewed bed floor
  • Heaps of space for move
  • Full sky and coordinated storm shades






21 pounds


  • Huge spaces
  • Admittance to the rearward lodge
  • Full bed
  • Different frill accessible


  • Restricted measuring choices

LLC-TENT Large Space Pickup Truck Tailgate Tent



This LLC-TENT truck tent is just reasonable for trucks with a standard 2.5 meter dozing billet. So that will be an issue assuming you have a more modest truck. Then again, the cost of 160 dollars is extremely high.

Somewhat less large than the last tents we looked into, the LLC-TENT is still very spacious, with a strong, sewn-in floor and a lot of cross section windows. A little shelter with a tempest fold keeps you dry when the weather conditions gets harsh. A camping light and a full parka are important for the course for this sort of item, yet the highlights are as yet alluring. The genuine draw is the tough ripstop material, which should be sufficiently able to endure the inescapable scratches, scratches and tears that a tent encounters. We likewise love the dark and green style. Do you like wild camping?


  • sewn floor
  • little overhang
  • Storm folds
  • lamp snare
  • downpour fly






15.67 pounds


  • Dark and green style
  • Modest
  • Rough ripstop nylon material


    • Just fits trucks with 6.5ft beds

    Van Tent Fold Car Tail Tent Waterproof Awning



    The following single out our rundown is a beautiful truck tent from the PXQ. Considerably more reasonable than the PXQ, this choice obliges six-foot truck beds.

    An inside gear pocket and lamp snare give capacity to outfit, while the vital floor configuration forestalls dirtying of the sack and resting cushion. The polyester material of the body and overcoat is sufficiently able to endure moderate scraped area. The shelter is negligible, and there are more breezy tents on our rundown, yet at simply more than $100 the cost is difficult to beat! That is the reason it's an extraordinary starter tent.

    Assuming you like to travel solo, here are a few top performance tents that won't let you down.


    • Polyester material
    • Floor plan
    • Inside pocket and light snare
    • Fits trucks with six foot beds




    • Modest


    In any event

    • Not a huge load of windows

    AQWESD 2 Person Pickup Truck Tent


    The magnificence of this offering is that it can fit different estimated truck beds, from 65 to 70 inches. In more modest truck beds, the asylum will be taller on the grounds that the curved plan pushes upwards. In bigger vans, the tent will be more limited in light of the fact that the shafts will slide towards the rear of the truck. Other than that, the AQWESD Truck Tent has a great deal of elements you're utilized to at this point: a conveying case, sewn-in guidance manual, sewn-in floor, fiberglass posts, flysheet, and network windows. .

    The cost is squarely in the center of our reach for this guide, which makes the Refuge a nice choice on the off chance that you're searching at a decent harmony among cost and execution.

    Our most needed Coleman tents buying guide includes more incredible things like this you should look at as well.


    • Expandable plan to fit various sleeper truck sizes
    • Full trip of downpour
    • sewn floor
    • network windows




    • The cost of the widely appealing
    • Fits different bed truck sizes


    • No extraordinary elements or embellishments

    Honda truck tent



    Assuming you preferred the appearance of our third pick (the Sport Truck Tent), however you have a Honda Ridgeline, the Honda Truck Bed Tent is for you.

    Honda Ridgelines are incredible trucks, however they tend to have short, strangely formed decks. That is the reason this sanctuary is explicitly intended for the Ridgeline, however offers similar highlights as the Sport Truck Tent, including the enormous 1.5m by 1.5m overhang.

    Try not to miss our rundown of the smash hit inflatable tents, which will promise you a charming camping experience.


    • For the Honda Ridgeline as it were
    • Admittance to the rearward lodge
    • 4' x 4 Shade Canopy
    • Full sewed bed floor
    • Loads of space for move
    • Full sky and incorporated storm shades






    8.2 pounds


    • Huge spaces
    • Admittance to the rearward lodge
    • Full bed
    • Different extras accessible


    • For the Honda Ridgeline as it were. See Sportz Truck Tent (#3) for different sizes.

    Truck Tent Buying Guide in 2022

    Elements To Look For In Truck Tents

    Type - Most of the tents in this buying guide are set up in open-top trucks (for example trucks without a body). Everything except one of these open pit covers have a strong, sewn-in tent floor that sits among you and the outer layer of your truck.

    The upside of a sewn- in truck tent is that you will not get messy while camping, nor will your stuff. The drawback is that you need to get everything out of your truck to set up the tent, which can be an agony, particularly while it's coming down or snowing. So pick likewise!

    Seasons - We suggest involving each of the havens in our guide during every one of the three seasons: summer, fall, and spring. All things considered, the majority of the tents here are twofold walled covers, with rainflies and multi-pronged curves. These safe houses are both warm and stable and are probably going to endure a couple creeps of snow.

    You ought to generally know about the constraints of your tent and your own. Best to avoid any unnecessary risk.

    Length - This is a basic thought as not everything truck tents can fit in all truck beds. For sure, a significant number of the tents highlighted in this purchaser's guide are explicit to truck beds of a specific length or plan. The item page for each contribution in our guide has nitty gritty data on tent and truck bed similarity.

    Tallness - Almost each of the tents in our guide have a headroom of over a meter. It is intriguing that you need to stand up in a tent, so 1.50 m is adequate!

    A couple of the havens we include here are variable in stature as they can oblige different truck bed lengths. For these tents, the more limited the stage, the taller the tent; the more limited length pushes the tent curve plan higher.

    Shafts - The tent posts highlighted in this guide are made of plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum, with a bungee rope interfacing the fragments. To collect the poles, slide the male and female finishes together, and permit the elastic band to agreement and stretch the pole sections together.

    To dismantle, delicately pull on the fragments to extend the versatile and overlay the portions together until you have a minimal group. Be mindful so as not to pull excessively hard, or you risk breaking the elastic band - a breakdown that is both a torment toward the back and regularly not covered by maker guarantees.

    Waterproofing - Most truck tents are made of polyester or nylon and component network boards to permit ventilation. In this arrangement, your tent isn't waterproof (clearly). This is the place where a gnat comes in. It will likewise be made of polyester or nylon and will have an additional a waterproof covering that will keep you warm and dry in your tent.

    Search for a gnat that gives most extreme inclusion and interfaces effectively and rapidly to your sanctuary. Nothing is more awful than getting splashed fighting a gnat in a tempest.

    Embellishments - A couple of the truck tents in our guide accompany adornments like light holders, inside gear pockets, shades for additional room, convey cases, from there, the sky is the limit. We evaluated these frill when we felt they stood apart from the pack regarding helpfulness or uniqueness.

    Simplicity of Setup - what number ties and clasps does a tent have? Does it have shaded posts and sleeves? Is it hard to tie the gnat? These contemplations are significant on the grounds that nobody needs to invest important energy battling to set up a shelter.

    Truck Tent FAQs

    What is a truck tent?

    A truck tent is a tent intended to fit toward the rear of a truck. In our guide, you will see a couple styles, yet as a general rule, a truck tent incorporates a body, a bunch of shafts and a flysheet.

    Would a truck be able to tent be utilized in the field?

    Not actually. Truck tents depend on the construction of your truck bed to give dependability. They don't accompany stakes to assist with getting the tent, and they don't all have a story. We assume with a little creativity and difficult work, you could figure out how to mount one on the ground, however we're not sure why you would.

    Would I be able to drive with my truck bed tent mounted?

    Ill-conceived notion. Truck tents ought not be raised while the truck is moving. They are supposed to take off at exceptionally low velocities, making litter, best case scenario, and risky driving dangers for different drivers even from a pessimistic standpoint.

    The main time we suggest getting your truck rolling with a tent up is the point at which you are moving your campsite or truck a couple of feet and at exceptionally low speed.

    How might I quantify the similarity of my truck tent?

    Each truck tent has its own estimation prerequisites relying upon the plan and expected use. Whenever you've recognized a truck tent that has the highlights and cost you need, peruse the Amazon page for estimation outlines, client surveys, and other applicable data. Some truck tents in our guide just work for trucks of explicit brands, models, and bed sizes, while others are more adaptable.


    Each truck tent enjoys a few benefits and detriments. On the off chance that you're a material idealist, and like a material tent, the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is the one to go for. The main thing about this tent is that it's very weighty and challenging to set up alone.

    Then again, assuming you need something light and reduced, the Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent is your smartest option, in spite of the fact that there have been a few grumblings about the strength of the posts and lashes on this tent.

    In the event that you'll camp in a major gathering, a conventional truck bed tent won't cut it. You'll have to get something like the Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent, which dozes up to 6 individuals. Notwithstanding, it very well may be hard to track down a spot to set it up - not all camping areas permit vehicles to be left straightforwardly close to the tents.

    The Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent, SportZ Truck Tent and Napier Backroadz are each of the 2-man, polyester tents. Assuming you're on a careful spending plan, the Guide Gear Full Size tent is an extraordinary choice, however may not keep going as long as more costly items.

    The SportZ Truck Bed Tent has the additional advantages of an overhang and a back access board. Notwithstanding, it isn't so profoundly evaluated as the Backroadz Truck Bed Tent, which is strong, solid and endures every single atmospheric condition.

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